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      Problems performing a system recovery process on D400 Windows Home Server


      When attempting to perform the system recovery process provided on Chapter 4 of the User's Guide, the recovery process fails to execute.


      The above symptom may occur on the following system:

      IdeaCentre D400


      The problem is related to an incomplete set of instructions provided on pages 35 to 37 of the User's Guide (Chapter 4).

      Please, refer to the instructions provided below to perform the complete system recovery process originally specified in Chapter 4 of the User's Guide.

      Setting D400 system to Recovery State:

      1. Turn system off.

      2. Use a pen or sharp object, press and hold the reset button on the back of the system.

      Note: The reset button is very sensitive, thus it requires light force to press and hold.


      3. While holding the reset button in, press and release the power button to turn the system ON.

      4. Keep holding the reset button until the red status LED light comes ON.

      5. Release the reset button when the red status light comes ON.

      The system will start entering Recovery State.

      What to expect after releasing the reset button?

      System starts entering Recovery State.

      Windows PE is loaded internally.

      When system starts loading Windows PE, it turns OFF the Ethernet port.

      The Ethernet port will remain in the OFF state for about 5 minutes.

      When the system enters Recovery State successfully, it turns the Ethernet port back ON (blinking lights in the back will come back ON).

      At this point, the D400 Windows Home Server is ready to proceed with the system recovery process.

      Completing System Recovery Process:

      Uninstall Windows Home Server Connector software from your client computer.

      1. Click "Start" on Windows taskbar.

      2. Select "Control Panel".

      3. Under "Programs" click on "Uninstall" a program.

      4. Select "Windows Home Server Connector" software and click the uninstall button.

      5. Insert the Lenovo Home Server Recovery DVD in the optical drive of the home client computer.

      6. Click on Run Recovery.exe file at the pop up window to begin the installation.

      7. When the welcome window appears, click "Next".

      The End User License Agreement is displayed. Read the terms of the agreement and select "I accept terms in the End User License Agreement" if you agree with the terms. Note: The process cannot continue if you do not accept the terms of the agreement.

      8. Click "Next" to continue.

      9. Ignore the process stated on this window, which displays the following message: "Before you proceed with Server Recovery, please make sure to perform the following steps". Instead, click the "Next" button to continue.


      At this point, the Windows Home Server Recovery Software is searching for the D400 Windows Home Server.

      When the server is found and the IP address identified, the message "Server Found" will be displayed. Click NEXT to continue.


      If the Windows Home Server Recovery Software displays error message "Server Not Found", click the BACK button and then click the NEXT button to start the server discovery process again.

      Select a Recovery Mode (two options are available):

      Server Recovery - (Recommended). It will help you recover the system from failure.

      Note: System settings and user accounts will be lost, but data recovery will be attempted.

      Factory Reset - Restores system back to factory settings.

      Click "Next" to continue.

      Follow the onscreen instructions, which will require to press NEXT every so often to continue with the recovery process.

      When the recovery process is completed, follow onscreen instructions to reboot the D400 Windows Home Server, create and manage your accounts.


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