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      Wireless signal drops frequently


      Wireless signal drops frequently.

      Affected Brands

      • IdeaPad
      • IdeaCentre
      • ThinkCentre
      • ThinkPad


      1. Bring the laptop closer to the router.
      2. Restart computer.
      3. Run antivirus.
      4. From Device Manager, click Network Adapter. Right click on the driver and click update driver.
      5. Change the wireless channel for the router.
      6. Go to command prompt. Type the following command:
        • Ipconfig/flushdns and press enter
      7. Go to command prompt, type ipconfig/all. Press enter
        • Is the IP address for the Local Area Connection correct?
        • If not, type ipconfig/release and press Enter
        • Type ipconfig/renew and press Enter
        • Type ipconfig/all and see if the IP address is correct

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