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      Introduction to IdeaPad K1 Tablet interface

      This article is an introduction the interface of IdeaPad Tablet K1

      Affected Configuration

      The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

      • IdeaPad Tablet K1



      Navigation Tips

      •Home Home : Back to the home screen.

      •Back Back: Back to the previous screen.

      •Recent Apps Recent Apps : Display recent apps.

      •App menu App Menu : Display all tablet's apps.

      •Add widget Add Widget : Add widgets and shortcuts.

      K1 Tablet 01

      1 - Open App Menu

      2 - Recent Apps

      3 - Home

      4 - Back

      5 - Add Widget

      1. Home Screen

      This desktop enables you to quickly view and open your most frequently used applications.

      In the home screen, you can add widgets or shortcuts, and change your wallpaper.

      •Touch Add Widget to add widgets and shortcuts, and to change your wallpaper. Drag the widget, shortcut, or other item to the home screen panel you want.

      K1 Tablet 02

      •To delete something on the home screen, touch and hold the desired gadget until a Trash Bin icon appears on the upper right corner, and then drag and drop the gadget icon onto the Trash Trash Bin icon.

      Note: Your IdeaPad Tablet K1 has multiple desktops. You can slide the screen with your finger to switch the display, and move icons among home screens.

      2. Status Bar

      The system message(s), if any, will be displayed in the lower right corner of IdeaPad Tablet K1.

      You can get the information about WLAN connection status, Signal level, Power level, Charging status and other detail notifications about your tablet.

      Touch the Status bar, display the Notification Panel. Press Status Bar button can open the detail setting view, including Airplane mode switch, Wi-fi setting shortcut, brightness adjustment toolbar, notifications switch, settings shortcut, etc..

      K1 Tablet 03

      3. Recent Apps

      Your tablet remembers the apps you used recently.

      Touch Recent Apps to see your recent apps list. Touch an app to open it.

      K1 Tablet 04

      4. Applications Management

      Tap Home on the home screen to open the applications list.

      You can enter Manage applications in Applications under " SettingsSettings".

      Tap "downloaded", then the app, press the Uninstall button on the top to uninstall app.

      Tap All or Running, tap the app, then the option you want to stop/change setting.

      Previously installed apps are listed and available for downloading.


      1. Lenovo is not responsible for any loss of, or damage to, your data. Please make sure you have duly backed up any data contained in the product/system before calling the support center or doing any suggested operation.
      2. Software support does not include:

      Third-party Applications : If you need help with third-party application support, please contact the developer directly.



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