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      Introduction to the browser - IdeaPad K1 Tablet

      Introduction to the browser IdeaPad Tablet K1


      Affected Configuration
      • IdeaPad K1 Tablet



      The web browser in your IdeaPad Tablet K1 can access the Internet via the WIFI network for business and personal use.

      Touch Figure 1 Browser in the applications list to open the browser. The default homepage will then open, displaying a list of up to the last 8 web pages you have most recently browsed.

      The browser supports the following functions:

      1. Input web address
        Touch the input text box, and input the web address with the popup soft keyboard. Then touch Figure 2 on the soft keyboard to open the web page.

      2. Exit
        Touch Figure 3 Back on the bottom bar to quit the browser.

        You can save bookmarks to your favorite web pages and navigate to them in seconds. It contains 2 tabs:

        Displays a list of the web addresses that you have added to your Favorites. You can also add a bookmark. Press and hold web icons to open the popup window for editing links. You can open, edit, copy, share, delete the selected website, create shortcuts, set as desktop and do other operations.

        Displays a list of the web addresses that you have recently browsed.

      4. New Window/Window
        This function is mainly used to open a new web page, or to toggle among several previously opened windows.

        Tabbed browsing:
        You can open several web pages in the same window to multiply your web surfing fun. Touch Figure 4 to open a new tab. To see a web page, just touch its tab. Touch Figure 5 on a tab to close it.

      There are also some additional Functions as following: 

      Refresh: Touch Figure 6 to manually refresh the web page.

      Forward/Backward: Touch Figure 7 to go to the next page or return to the previous page.

      Select text: Select text in the current page for copying.

      Add/Edit Bookmark: Touch Figure 8 to bookmark current page. Touch Figure 9 to manage your bookmark.

      More options: Touch Figure 10 to display an option list. These options include new tab, new incognito tab, find on page, share page, page info, downloads and settings.

      Zoom Pages In/Out: You can automatically fit the page to the screen size, and zoom the page in/out by enlarging/reducing the distance between your two fingers while touching the screen.

      Note: Network support is required for accessing the Internet with the web browser. If there are any problems with your network support, please consult your network operator or service provider directly.


      1. Lenovo is not responsible for any loss of, or damage to, your data. Please make sure you have duly backed up any data contained in the product/system before calling the support center or doing any suggested operation.

      2. Software support does not include:
        Third-party Applications : If you need help with third-party application support, please contact the developer directly.


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