How to power on/off - IdeaPad K1 Tablet

How to power on/off IdeaPad Tablet K1


Affected Configuration
  • IdeaPad K1 Tablet



Powering IdeaPad Tablet K1 On

Press and hold the "Power" button on the upper left of IdeaPad Tablet K1, and the Lenovo and startup screens display in sequence, indicating that IdeaPad Tablet K1 has been powered on.

Powering IdeaPad Tablet K1 Off

  1. Press and hold the Power button on the upper left of IdeaPad Tablet K1 until Power off appears.

  2. Touch OK to power off your IdeaPad Tablet K1.


For the 3G-enabled version, be sure to insert or remove the SIM card in the Power off mode. Doing so when the device is on may damage the SIM card.

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