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      How to calibrate battery meter in the new version of Energy Management?


      The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

      All Idea Laptops

      All Idea Desktops

      Under the following software:

      Lenovo Energy Management


      1. Install the right version of Energy Management, like Lenovo Energy Management Driver ( Note: it is 32Bit or 64Bit ) . And then run the software, and click on button showed in Fig.1


      2. And then click on "Start"


      3. Close all the running programs and processes, connect the computer to the adapter, and then click on "Next".


      4. If everything goes well, it will be in the process of precision adjustment. Wait until it is finished.


      1. Do not cancel while the process is running.
      2. The whole process may take several hours, do not use the computer during calibration process.
      3. Only the new versions of Energy Management have this function.
      4. In the whole process you should use the standard adapter of the computer, or there will be an error message.



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