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      Battery can not be fully charged - Lenovo G460, IdeaPad Y460, Y560


      On Lenovo G460, IdeaPad Y460, Y560, the battery can only be charged to 80% while the power is connected. Replacing the battery and reinstalling the system can not resolve the problem. Replacing the motherboard still can not work out the problem.


      The above symptom may occur on the following system:

      Lenovo G460

      IdeaPad Y460/Y560

      Under the following software:

      Energy Management




      Generally speaking, this phenomenon is not a malfunction. It is a working mode in order to protect your battery and maximize the battery's life span.

      If you want to change the mode, refer to the following settings.

      1.Check whether the Lenovo Power Management software has been installed. If not, please go to the official support website of Lenovo to download according to your machine model and operating system.

      Note: Go to http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/default.page? -->enter your machine information like B560 in the product search box ---> click the green button besides the box --> select your machine like Lenovo B560 Notebook.  Then you can see all the drivers, download what you need accordingly.

      2. Run the Lenovo Power Management; click the gear icon in its lower right corner,


      Open the "Battery Health" page. In this page there are two modes: "Optimize for Battery Runtime" and "Optimize for Battery Lifespan".


      If you need to charge the battery fully, please select the "Optimize for Battery Runtime" and click "Apply" or "OK".


      3. Now your battery should be able to charge fully. Take a period of observation, if it is not charging yet, (Windows system's battery icon is not full but it do not prompt "charging"), please run the Lenovo Power Management, click the gear icon, select Battery_can_not_be_fully_charged_Lenovo_G460_IdeaPad_Y460_Y560 “Battery Gauge Reset" and operate according to its prompts. (Strictly follow the software prompts, otherwise it would not achieve the purpose. This process may last a few hours, and you cannot disconnect the external power supply or turn off the computer in the process.)

      4. After performing battery fix operation correctly, if it still cannot be fully charged, please call service center or contact service station.
      To find the contact information, please click the link below:



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