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How to set Wi-fi - IdeaPad A1-07 Tablet, IdeaTab A1107 Tablet

This article is about How to set Wi-fi for IdeaPad A1-07 Tablet, IdeaTab A1107 Tablet.


Affected Configuration
  • IdeaPad A1-07 Tablet, IdeaTab A1107 Tablet


  1. Click the Settings button on the launch zone or click the Settings icon in the application list. 

    Figure 1

  2. Click Wireless & Network , and check/uncheck the box of Bluetooth to turn on/off it. 

    Figure 2 

    Once the WLAN has been enabled, your IdeaPad A1-07 Tablet, IdeaTab A1107 Tablet will automatically scan for available wireless networks, displaying them in the WLAN network list.


    There is an icon indicating the network status following every LAN, where Figure 3 indicates that the network requires no password, and can be connected directly, and Figure 4 indicates that the network has been encrypted, and can be connected only after the required password is input.

    Touch a desired network from the list to connect. You can also select Add Wi-Fi Network to manually add a network.

    Under the Wi-Fi settings interface, touch the function menu Figure 5 , and then select Advanced, you can set static IP and Wi-Fi sleep policy.


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