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Symptom :

Wireless network is unable to connect via WIFI


The problem may occur when WIFI has been turned off. To solve the problem:

1. Check if you have installed wireless card driver and Lenovo Energy Management software correctly on the computer. If no, please install firstly.

Go to for drivers and the latest EM software of your computer.

2. Press Fn+F7 to check the status of WIFI and Bluetooth. If neither WIFI nor Bluetooth status are displayed, please consult user's manual to turn on the switch.

3. If both status are displayed, please refer to the following figure. Enable WIFI and bluetooth, meanwhile modify "Status setting"as "on".


4. After finishing the above-mentioned setting, problem will be resolved.

5. In addition, it is very likely that there is only a status of Bluetooth without the status of WIFI network. If that occurs, please go to "Configuration (Advance)"in BIOS to modify Wireless as "Enable".


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