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      How to get better performance of wireless card


      Wireless speed is not quick enough


      The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

      All Idea Laptops

      All Idea Desktops


      As for 802.11n standard, 300Mbps is only the theoretical maximum speed. The wireless

      speed has something to do with distance from router to laptop, router or AP's performance,

      network environment, loads level of device compatibility, and many other factors. In practical

      applications, the actual connection speed of less than 300Mbps is normal.

      To get the best performance of wireless card, please follow the following suggestions:

      1. It is better for laptop and wireless router (or access point) to maintain relatively close distance but not less than 2 m; try to avoid barrier by walls and other structures.

      2. Turn off unused electronic equipment to minimize electromagnetic interference in network

      3. Performance of the router has something to do with overheating. Please pay attention to whether the router is overheating.

      4. Upgrade the router firmware to the latest version.

      5. Use strong passwords ---- combination of 10 or more numbers and letters; use WPA or WPA2 encryption methods.

      6. There are different types of routers, such as 11g and 11n. Only router's configuration higher than the network card, can users get the maximum rate.

      7. Try to adjust antenna's orientation and try different channels of routers.

      8. It is better for wireless card and routers both support PSPM Power Save Polling Mode which is a wireless network energy-saving technology and is used to extend the using-time of the notebook battery. Although some wireless cards can support PSPM, some wireless routers do not, thus it may lead to some intermittent break line problem.

      9. High-end routers of well-known brand always have higher performance and better stability



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