Camera is not handled by Skype and other programs though showing in Device Manager


Camera is not working in Skype and other programs though being showed as well-functioning device in Device Manager. Entering USB-Videodevice in My Computer shows the correct image.


The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

Ideapad S10-2, S10, Y510, Y530, Y550, Y430, Y450, Y650, Y330, U330, U350.


This happens if third party software can't properly initialize device. For proper initialization camera, you will need to:

1. Make sure the camera is not turned on before running Skype or any other third party software.

2. Run Skype or other third party software.

3. Press Fn+Esc to enable the camera.

By following the right operation order, the camera may can be initialized normally.


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