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      New Firmware to Resolve Bluescreen Errors with Micron C300 128GB SSD - ThinkPad T420, T420i, T420s, T420si, T520, T520i, W520, X220, X220i, X220 Tablet, X220i Tablet


      ThinkPads shipped with Micron C300 128GB SSD drives may experience a bluescreen error with a Stop: 0x000000F4 stop code.


      Affected configurations

      The following Lenovo ThinkPad systems shipped with a Micron C300 128GB SSD:

      • T420, T420i, T420s, T420si
      • T520, T520i
      • W520
      • X220, X220 Tablet
      • X220i, X220i Tablet


      ThinkPads shipped with Micron C300 128GB SSD



      Please download and install Solid State Drive Firmware Update Utility (FWSS25) or newer. It is highly recommended that the drive's firmware be updated even if no errors have occurred.

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