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      Start and configure speech recognition in Microsoft Windows 7


      The following article is about how to start and configure speech recognition in Microsoft Windows 7

      Operating Systems

      The above symptom may occur On the following operating system:

      Microsoft Windows 7


      Start “Speech Recognition”

      1. View detailed speech commands

      Go to "Control Panel” --> view by “Small icons” --> click “Speech Recognition” to open “Speech Recognition” dialogue box.  In this dialogue box, all items about speech control are listed. Click “Open the Speech Reference Card” to learn common commands in "Speech Recognition”. Click “Common Speech Recognition commands” to view detailed speech commands:


      2. Start Speech Recognition

      (1) Click “Start Speech Recognition” in “Speech Recognition” dialogue box and then click “Next” to finish the setting step by step. You are suggested reading detailed descriptions for each step carefully. "Enable document review" is not recommended.

      You can increase your convenience for speech recognition use by clicking “Advanced speech options” on the left pane and then selecting “Run Speech Recognition at startup” under “User settings” in "Speech Properties”.


      (2) Configure “Speech Recognition”:


      3. Speech Recognition Tutorial

      After finishing setting up speech recognition, system would prompt you to learn interactive speech recognition tutorial which teaches you how to use various standard commands to control the PC. We strongly recommend you learn this tutorial, because learning it will make speech recognition easier to user and you can also understand various voice commands. You can view the main leaning content in “Speech Reference Card”.


      Voice training is necessary:

      When controlling PC using voice, if your PC doesn’t follow commands, you could click “Train your computer to better understand you” to take voice training and improve dictation accuracy.

      How to exit “Speech Recognition”:

      When you don’t need “Speech Recognition”, you can close it. The detailed steps are: Click “Advanced speech options” on the left pane in “Speech Recognition” dialogue box and uncheck “Run Speech Recognition at startup”. Next time when you turn on your PC, it would not run automatically.


      Input words by voice and experience speech recognition:


      After finishing speech recognition settings, this feature will be available to use. When you start recognition speech, there will be a speech recognition interface on the center top of your PC screen. Click “Microphone” button on the left of the interface to set “Sleep” status to “Listening” and now you can start voice command actions. You can open the “Notepad” and input words by voice.

      At the beginning, the recognition rate of voice is low, but the recognition rate and input speech will be improves with the growth of your use.




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