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      Unable to connect to The Internet - ThinkPad Tablet


      Unable to connect to The Internet.

      1. Make sure the Tablet is not in Airplane mode. This is located in the Settings Menu under "Wireless and Networks". Airplane Mode will disable all Wireless radios on the tablet.
      2. For 3G Enabled Models (with pre-installed WWAN card): If trying to make a 3G connection using a mobile data network, make sure the SIM card (for GSM carriers) is installed, and has been activated or WWAN card is activated for CDMA. See Chapter 2 of the User Guide under the "Applications" Menu for more details on setup, and Chapter 3 for Connecting to the Internet.
      3. For WiFi: If trying to connect to a wireless network, check in the Settings for "Wireless and Networks" to make sure the Wireless is turned on. Also check to make sure that the Wireless network you want to connect to is seen in the list of Wi-Fi Networks. If you are travelling, at a Hotel or coffee shop, there may be special encryption settings needed to complete the connection. Wi-Fi Networks with security will show a small padlock next to the signal strength meter on the right side of the list.


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