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Desktop Super Multi-Burner (0A65618), Bluray burner (45K1675) - Disc burn process cannot be started on DVD movie Factory 7 on Windows 7 when Windows Explorer is open


Disc burning process canot be started on DVD Movie Factory 7 (DMF7) on Windows 7 when Windows Explorer is open.

Reproduce procedure:

  1. Open DMF7.
  2. Keep Windows Explorer open.
  3. Try to burn data to a re-writeable disc.
  4. A warning message will pop up to say The burner is busy for another application and the burn process cannot be started. -- Issue
Affected configurations

Affected Operating system: Windows 7

Affected optical drives:

  • Desktop Super Multi-Burner: Marketing part number 0A65618
  • Bluray burner: Marketing part number 45K1675

Affected software: Corel DVD Movie Factory SE 7.00.30091.0/7.00.40498.0

  1. Temporary workaround: Close Windows Explorer and try again. (Issue will happen again next time)
  2. Permanent workaround: Click Start > My Computer > Organize > Layout > uncheck the Navigation pane > close all Explorer windows (Issue won't happen again any more)
Additional information

Issue will only occur on the affected optical drives on Windows 7 systems.

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  • Last Updated :17 Jun 2014
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