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      NVidia Quadro 600 (0A36183), NVidia NVS 300 (0A36528) - Monitor icons in NVIDIA control panel does not work correctly under multi-display mode in driver v267.45


      Duplicate steps:

      1. Install NVIDIA graphic card, and insert two monitors.
      2. Under Windows Vista, install driver v267.45 to system.
      3. Open NVIDIA control panel, choose Set up multiple displays. Enable two displays and set to clone mode, then the icons showed 2a & 2b (the normal status is 1a & 1b), and the identify display function does not work -- Issue point 1
      4. Then set the display to extend mode, the icon area showed 1 & 1 or only one 1 (the normal status is 1 & 2) -- Issue point 2
      5. When the above issue happened, close the control panel. Sometimes it pops up error message NVIDIA Control Panel Application 3.5.798.0 has stopped working -- Issue point 3
      Affected configurations

      Nvidia graphic card driver v267.45 installed on following graphic card:

      • NVIDIA Quadro 600 96-core CUDA 1GB Dual-Link DVI-I, DisplayPort Graphics Card (Marketing part number: 0A36183)
      • NVIDIA NVS 300 DMS59 Dual-VGA, Dual-DVI Graphics Card (Marketing part number: 0A36528)

      Impacted Operating System: Windows Vista (32-bit, 64-bit)


      Close and re-open the NVIDIA control panel.

      Additional information

      The issue is 20% probability occurred.


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