Summary of changes for BIOS update - ThinkPad R61 14.1inch widescreen without IEEE 1394, R61 15.4inch widescreen, ThinkPad R61i 14.1inch widescreen without IEEE 1394

Summary of changes

Version 7KETC9WW (2.29-1.08)

  • (New) Added support for 1600x900 screen resolution on an external display.
  • (New) Added support for a SanDisk SSD.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue that might not be able to set HDP(HardDisk Password) by SRCMOS.

Version 7KETC8WW (2.28-1.08)

  • (New) Supports Microsoft Windows 7. (addition)
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where Intel Management Engine BIOS Extension (MEBx) might not function.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where the external display might have blank screen after closing the lid "When I close the lid: Do nothing" was selected in Power Options on Windows Vista.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where the computer might not start when a new ThinkPad Hard Drive Bay Adapter was installed in the Docking Station.

Version 7KETC7WW (2.27-1.08)

  • (New) Added PCI Express Power Management disabling capability in BIOS setup.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where the computer with the Smart Card Reader resumed normal operation immediately after going into sleep mode at critical low battery state on Windows Vista.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where some CardBus devices might have slow performance.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue that the computer might hang with black screen when using a USB device attached to the computer immediately after power-on.

Version 7KETC6WW (2.26-1.08)

  • (Fix) The "New Hardware Found" message for Intel Gigabit Ethernet may appear.
  • (Fix) Windows XP installation may stop responding on the way.

Version 7KETC5WW (2.25-1.08)

  • (New) Video BIOS function enhancement.

Version 7KETC5WW (2.24-1.08)

  • (Fix) Intel GM965 Video BIOS was updated to v1668 to fix BSOD issue on Windows Vista.

Version 7KETC5WW (2.23-1.08)

  • (Fix) Buzzing sound around the fan with battery.
  • (Fix) The computer may hang if Rescue and Recovery is installed on Windows Vista 64-bit SP1.

Version 7KETB9WW (2.19-1.08)

  • (New) Support for ICH8 revision B2.
  • (Fix) The error, "0191 System Security-Invalid Remote Change requested." may occur at the power-on.
  • (Fix) Some CardBus and IEEE 1394 devices may slow down the performance.

Version 7KETB8WW (2.18-1.08)

  • (New) Enhancement of security function

Version 7KETB7WW (2.17-1.08)

  • (Fix) The computer may hang while formatting CardBus ATA drive on Windows Vista 64-bit SP1.
  • (Fix) The screen resolution of the external display attached to the Docking Station via an analog display port will be changed during undock/dock operation (NVIDIA graphics chip models only).
    • (Note) Install NVIDIA display driver version or higher.

Version 7KETB4WW (2.14-1.08)

  • (New) Microcode updates of the processors.
  • (New) Intel Memory Reference Code update.
  • (Fix) Boot error occurs at Intel ICH8M SATA initialization.
  • (Fix) The error code 2100 (Hard disk drive 0 initialization error) is displayed only occasionally after "Setup Default" is done in BIOS Setup Utility
  • (Fix) The boot sequence is different from the expected one in case of Wake on LAN(WOL).

Version 7KETB0WW (2.10-1.08)

  • (New) Microcode updates of the processors.
  • (New) Added the new BIOS Setup option to avoid system hang even if the AC adapter is removed from the ThinkPad Advanced Mini Dock while the computer is attached to it.
    • How to enable: Set the Legacy Devices on Mini-Dock option to 'Disabled' of Docking Station of Config in BIOS Setup menu.
    • Note: A serial and a parallel port on the Mini-Dock will be disabled with this setup.

Version 7KETA9WW (2.09-1.08)

  • (Fix) Looks like a system hang after continuous Fn-F7 hitting at BIOS Setup or DOS. EC could not handle large amount of interrupts.

Version 7KETA7WW (2.07-1.08)

  • (New) Added the new error code 1830 to indicate that a single DIMM is not installed in the memory slot 0. Solution for the error code: With a single DIMM, install the DIMM into the memory slot 0 (a slot different from having used it).
  • (Fix) Unexpected interrupts from the USB controller may occur.
  • (Fix) The system with NVIDIA graphics chip may cause hang.

Version 7KET76WW (1.26-1.06 )

  • (New) (Intel video models only) A design change that the screen is set to extended desktop mode with an external display and "When I close the lid of my portable computer" option in the power option is set to "Do nothing", and when the lid is closed;
    • (Old) The extended display mode is canceled and video output is switched to the external display only, so icons on the desktop will be moved.
    • (New) The extended display mode is kept and video output is not switched, so icons on the desktop are not moved.
  • (New) Function enhancement of capturing the BIOS configuration information on the computer by BIOS Settings Capture/Playback Utility.
  • (Fix) The data transfer rate of hard drive is slow in SATA AHCI mode.
  • (Fix) The computer may hang at the power-on if device configuration is changed in the BIOS Setup immediately after resuming normal operation from hibernation mode.
  • (Fix) An error may occur at the power-on after ThinkPad BIOS Settings for Windows runs and then the computer goes into hibernation mode.
  • (Fix) WMIMGMT.MSC fails to read properties on Windows 2000.
  • (Fix) Removed Intel AMT menu from the BIOS Setup: The Intel AMT menu is shown in the BIOS Setup on some models although the Intel AMT feature is not supported.

Version 7KET72WW (1.22-1.06 )

  • (New) Optimize power management function for the nVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M models.
  • (Fix) Resume operation from hibernation may fail with Intel Turbo Memory on Windows Vista.
  • (Fix) Power-on password prompt may appear even if fingerprint authentication was matched at power on timing.
Version 7KET71WW (1.21-1.06 )
  • (Fix) Incorrect screen resolution may be configured when the system is re-docked on the docking station.
Version 7KET64WW (1.14)
  • (New) Additional OS support for the nVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M models.
  • (Fix) Unexpected display mode(s) may be selected with docking station on Windows Vista.
  • (Fix) Resume operation may fail on nVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M models.
  • (Fix) System performance may become very low if the hard drive mode (Serial ATA controller mode) is set to AHCI.

Version 1.10 (7KET60WW)

  • (New) Support for ThinkPad R61/R61i new models.

Version 7KET59WW (1.09)

  • (New) Support for ThinkPad R61 15.4 inch widescreen models.
  • (Fix) Screen display mode setting may mismatch on Windows XP.

Version 7KET57WW (1.07)

  • (Fix) Trackpoint does not work after undocking from docking station with PS/2 mouse.

Version 7KET57WW (1.07)

  • (New) Initial release for ThinkPad R61 14.1 inch widescreen models without IEEE 1394.

Affected configurations
Any of the following ThinkPad systems:
  • ThinkPad R61
    • 14.1 inch widescreen models without IEEE 1394
      • 7732-13x, 15x, 18x, 19x, 1Ax, 4Px, 4Qx, X9x
      • 7733-11x, 18x, 1Ax, 1Gx, 1Hx, 1Jx, 1Kx
      • 7734-13x
      • 7735-11x, 13x, 14x, 1Gx
      • 7736-1XU
      • 7737-1XU
      • 7738-11x, 1Ax, 1Gx, 1Jx, 1Kx
    • 15.4 inch widescreen models
      Machine types:
      • 8914-42x,43x,44x,45x,46x,49x,4Ax,4Bx,4Cx,4Mx,4Nx, 4Px,4Qx,4Tx,4Ux,4Vx,4Wx,4Xx,4Yx,4Zx,52x,53x, 54x,55x,56x,57x,58x,59x,5Ax,5Bx,5Cx,5Dx,5Ex, 5Fx,5Gx,5Hx,5Jx,5Kx,5Lx,5Mx,5Nx,5Px,5Qx,5Rx, 5Sx,5Tx,5Ux,5Vx,5Wx,5Xx,ABx,ACx,B8x,B9x,BAx, BFx,BGx,BHx,BJx,BKx,BMx,BNx,BPx,BQx,BRx,BSx, BTx,BUx,BVx,BWx,BXx
      • 8919, 8920, 8927, 8928, 8929
  • ThinkPad R61i
    • 14.1 inch widescreen models without IEEE 1394
      • 7732-7Ax,7Bx,7Cx,7Dx,7Ex,7Fx,7Gx,7Hx,7Jx,7Kx,7Lx, 7Px,7Rx,4Ax,4Bx,4Cx,4Gx,4Hx,4Jx,4Kx,4Nx,6Ax,6Bx,6Cx, 6Dx,6Ex,6Fx,6Gx,6Hx,6Kx,8Ax,8Bx,8Cx,8Dx,8Ex, 8Fx,8Gx,8Hx,8Jx,8Kx,8Lx,8Mx,8Nx,8Px,8Qx,8Rx, 8Sx,8Tx,8Ux,8Vx,8Wx,8Yx,8Zx,9Ax,9Bx,9Cx,9Dx, 9Ex
      • 7742-4Lx,4Mx,9Gx,9Hx,9Jx,9Kx,7Mx,7Nx
    • 15.4 inch widescreen models
      • 8918-ADx,AEx,AFx,AGx,AHx,AJx,AKx,ALx,AMx,ANx,APx, AQx,ARx,ASx,ATx


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