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      Need to buy Options no longer marketed by Lenovo?

      Options Continuation Program (OCP)


      Lenovo works with a selected company to offer you option parts after Lenovo discontinues the option. This reseller is chosen because of their proven track record and focus on satisfying the customer. They may offer new, used, and refurbished accessories and upgrades and provide upgrade opportunities.

      United States +1-877-377-5227
      Canada +1-888-829-5333
      Europe, Africa +44-141-840-6440
      Latin America +1-727-738-1283
      Greater China Group, ASEAN, Korea +853-2871-7265
      Japan +81-03-5623-6651
      Middle East, Egypt, Pakistan (MEEP), India, +853-6648-8446
      Australia +61-39-587-1443



      Warranty terms


      Depending on the Option in question, the OCP reseller may offer new, used, or refurbished Options. These parts will have a 90-day minimum warranty, and some may even come with a one-year warranty from the OCP reseller, while new parts retain the original Lenovo warranty. Your OCP reseller will explain the specific warranty coverage information at the time of purchase.


      Technical support


      You may obtain technical support through the Lenovo Support Web site. For some Options, support may still be available through Lenovo. Please visit the support phone list. The technical support representatives can help you determine if the product is entitled to receive free support.


      What parts are kept in stock?


      Lenovo works closely with the OCP reseller to ensure that the stock of new, used, or refurbished Options are available. Greatest priority is placed on those types of Options that are specific to a particular Lenovo system or are extremely specialized in nature. If the OCP reseller is temporarily out of an Option, it will try to get it through its access to a vast supply network. In some cases, the OCP reseller may offer you the alternative of an equivalent Option product.



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