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      Symptoms corrected by the latest video driver (ATI Radeon 200M, X300, X600, FireGL V3200) for Windows XP - ThinkPad R51e, R52 (1846, 1847, 1848, 1849, 1850, 1870), T43/p (26xx), Z60m


      Symptoms corrected by Version 8.593.100.7-090929a-089427C

      • Fixed an issue where the desktop icons moved to the top left of the screen when the portable computer was set to 'Do nothing when the lid is closed' in the Power options and the lid of the computer was opened.

      Symptoms corrected by Version 8.593.100.2-090721a-086163C

      • [Important] Note: For Windows 2000 users, use the version 8.383.1.1.3-070621a2-051036C.
      • (Fix) Fixed an issue where unknown EDID data errors were found in the Event Viewer every time the computer restarted after installing the display driver version 8.383.1.1.3-070621a2-051036C.
      • (Fix) Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor moved slowly when the computer and USB mouse were attached to the Docking Station
      • (Fix) Fixed an issue where the screen rotation function did not work on the external display on Windows XP SP3.

      Symptoms corrected by Version 8.383.1.1.3-070621a2-051036C

      • (Fix) After re-docking primary and secondary display areas at extended desktop are swapped.
      Symptoms corrected by Version 8.362-070405a-050146C
      • (Fix) After upgrading the driver (only for 8.362-070405a-046261C), SXGA+ (1400x1050) could not be set. The resolution does not appear in the list of selectable options.
      Symptoms corrected by Version 8.362-070405a-046261C
      • (Fix) Primary/secondary display setting is changed when changing display device by using Fn+F7 after driver is installed.
      • (Fix) Wire frame test in PC-Doctor for Windows version 5 fails.
      • (Fix) Hot key of panel scaling in ATI Catalyst Control Center doesn't work.

      Symptom corrected by Version

      • (Fix) Video memory test in PC Doctor for Windows fails.

      Symptoms corrected by Version

      • (Important) (ThinkPad T43/T43p/R52) If the version 8.163.xxx of display driver is installed, blue screen error happens after resuming normal operation from standby mode.
      • (Fix) (ThinkPad R51e) Subtitles on the screen are not good quality when DVD titles are played back with WinDVD software.
        Note: Update the WinDVD with version 5.0-B11.295 (or higher).

      Symptoms corrected by Version 8.163-050809a1-026107C-IBM

      • (Fix) (ThinkPad Z60m) Magnified image by ThinkPad Full Screen Magnifier function doesn't fit to the LCD panel.
      • (Fix) Errors are reported in Windows Event Viewer.

      Symptoms corrected by Version 8.153.1-050728a1-025693C-IBM

      • (New) Support for ThinkPad Z60m (ATI video models).
      • (New) Support for ThinkPad R51e.

      Symptoms corrected by Version 8.133-050510a-024101C-IBM

      • (New) Support for new models of ThinkPad T43/T43p (ATI video models).
      • (New) Support for new models of ThinkPad R52 (ATI video models).
      • (New) Support 3D stereo graphics on ATI MOBILITY FireGL V3200 model.

      Symptom corrected by Version 8.082.2-041211m-019929C-IBM

      • (New) (Initial release) Support for ThinkPad T43/T43p/R52 (ATI video models).
      Affected configurations

      Any of the following ThinkPad systems:

      • ThinkPad R51e
      • ThinkPad R52 Machine Types -1846, 1847, 1848, 1849, 1850, 1870
      • ThinkPad T43/T43p Machine Types -26xx
      • ThinkPad Z60m (ATI video models)


      Click here to download the latest Video driver for Microsoft Windows XP.


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