Summary of changes for BIOS update - ThinkCentre M90, M90p / ThinkStation E20 / ThinkServer TS200v

version 5JKT64A

  • Fixes the issue of User password could be set when without Administrator password verify.

version 5JKT63A

  • Fixes some special Hard Disk Drivers can not set password

Version 5JKT60A

  • Fixes where cell phone USB malfunction issue

Version 5JKT59A

  • Updates Intel processor microcode.

Version 5JKT58A

  • Fixes Windows reported Event ID 34 error issue when Operation System loading.

Version 5JKT57A

  • Supports Intel Managebility Engine Host Based Configuration function

Version 5JKT56A

  • Fixes the issues where sometimes it can't find Lenovo FingerPrint keyboard in POST.
  • Fixes the issues where the system could boot from USB key which have been put in exclude boot sequence.

Version 5JKT55A

  • Fixes the issue where the USB keyboard stops for a long time in POST.
  • Fixes the issue where the floppy drive disappears in Windows XP environment.

Version 5JKT54A

  • Fixes Bloomberg KB issue
  • Enhances USB compatibility to support some archaic USB devices
  • Fixes compatibility issue in IDE mode

Version 5JKT53A

  • Fixes one issue about High School Application

Version 5JKT52A

  • Supports new High School Application for special bid

Version 5JKT51A

  • Enhances the compatibility with some USB mouse

Version 5JKT50A

  • Fixes system summary which has no information while system FAN error occurred
  • Fixes boot from CD when hibernate waking
  • Fixes warm boot can't see F11 string

Version 5JKT49A

  • Fixes system summary without HDD/DVD information while in RAID mode
  • Fixes the USB legacy support item can not be updated by BIOS setting tool
  • Fixes system summary has no information while 135 FAN error occurred

Version 5JKT48A

  • Updates the mechanism of Password Retry Error

Version 5JKT47A

  • Updates latest PXE rom
  • Adds low mmio align item in setup to select the different remapping size
  • Fixes USB legacy item can not be updated by SRDOS utility

version 5JKT46A

  • Fixes nVidia GeForce 310 graphic card issue.
  • Updates the latest processor microcode.
  • Adjusts PCI Lan boot sequence.
  • Fixes problem of not able to boot from local HDD when sending HDD command from WEBUI.

version 5JKT45A

  • Recovers USB scanner issue solution.
  • Fixes TPM issue.

version 5JKT44A

  • Updates BIOS based on 42A, please overlook the changes of 43A.
  • Improves USB scanner.
  • Updates boot sequence after OS reset.

version 5JKT43A

  • Improves USB scanner.
  • Updates boot sequence after OS reset.

version 5JKT42A

  • Updates VBIOS version to 1994.

version 5JKT41A

  • Updates ClarkDale MRC to version 1.3.

version 5JKT40A

  • Updates setup menu.
  • Improves system performance when installing 5GB or upper memory.
  • Disables USB port when USB cable is not connected.

version 5JKT39A

  • Modifies the gigabit Ethernet to workaround for Wake On Lan.

version 5JKT38A

  • Fixes the issue where WOL fails from S5 in DOS.

version 5JKT37A

  • Updates setup menu.

version 5JKT36A

  • Initial BIOS Release
  • Updates F11 hot key message.
  • Improves system function when installing 5GB or upper memory.



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