Docking to a ThinkPad Advanced Mini Dock, ThinkPad Advanced Dock, or Essential Port Replicator, causes the system to power off - ThinkPad R60, T60, T60p, T61, Z60m, Z60t, Z61e, Z61m, Z61p, Z61t

Note: This program has expired on September 1, 2009. Information provided herein serves as reference only.

The ThinkPad system powers off immediately when docked to a ThinkPad Advanced Dock, ThinkPad Advanced Mini Dock, or Essential Port Replicator. This could occur if the ThinkPad system is warm-docked (ThinkPad system is in a suspended state) or hot-docked (ThinkPad system is in a powered-on state).

Affected configurations
The following ThinkPad systems may be affected by this symptom:
  • ThinkPad R60
  • ThinkPad T60, T60p, T61
  • ThinkPad Z60m, Z60t
  • ThinkPad Z61e, Z61m, Z61p, Z61t
Lenovo has determined that the reason for the system powering off is due to an electrostatic discharge between the system and the docking station or port replicator. We have developed a field kit that consists of two conductive rubber caps. These caps, when correctly applied to the dock, provide a safe path for the electrostatic discharge.

To obtain these parts, please contact the Lenovo Support Center.

Click here for a list of phone numbers.The field kits will be available as FRU's in both single set and bulk pack options:

FRUPackage includes
42W3219 1 set of rubber caps (2 pieces) and 1 instruction sheet
42W3220 50 sets of rubber caps (100 pieces) and 5 instruction sheets
Note: These parts will not be available until March 1st

The following shows how these rubber caps are installed:

  • There are four EMI fingers. Place the caps on the outer two fingers, leaving the inner two uncovered.
  • The rubber caps needs to be pushed to the right after they are put on the EMI fingers to avoid friction between the rubber cap and the plastic top cover of the dock or replicator.

Cap locations

Cap installation

Additional information
Click here for a printable version of the install instructions.
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