Summary of changes for BIOS update - ThinkCentre A51 (type 8122, 8123, 8124, 8129, 8131, 8132, 8133, 8134, 8135, 8136, 8137, 8138, 9212) / M51e (type 9213)

version 2FKT25A

  • Enhances fan control to match processor updates
  • Fixes a problem where PCI game port cards would not work

version 2FKT24A

  • Adds an enhancement for SMRam security

version 2FKT23A

  • Fixes a problem where the power LED turns off when the onboard ethernet is disabled
  • Fixes a problem where a 1762 POST error occurs when a USB key is added or removed and the Administrator Password is present
  • 8603 POST errors are now logged in the DMI error log as bit 30

version 2FKT22A

  • Ensures that POST 1806 errors are logged in SMBIOS
  • Fixes a CD-ROM enumeration problem
  • Removes incorrect text from Setup

version 2FKT21A

  • Fixes potential CMOS checksum 0162 errors
  • Fixes intermittent 0197 POST errors
  • Fixes a problem where the system may potentially hang during S3 resume
  • Fixes a problem where an nVidia Quadro4 video card does not work in PCI slot 2

version 2FKT20A

  • Fixes invalid programming of Broadcom LAN BAR
  • Adds processor microcode for the 0F49 processor

version 2FKT19A

  • Fixes an S3 resume problem with nVidia NV6200 PEG video adapter
  • Fixes a problem where there is a loss of video after S3 with Windows 2000 and a GeForce 6600 video adapter
  • Adds code to ensure that the system turns off after boot block recovery
  • Adds code to ensure that Wake On LAN boots take the "automatic" boot path
  • Fixes the hard drive (HDD) timeout switch in BIOS Setup

version 2FKT18A

  • Fixes a problem where the system hangs when resuming from S3 standby when the boot drive is connected to SATA connector 3 or 4
  • Fixes a problem where NX BIOS setup options were backwards (enable actually disabled the function)
  • Fixes a problem where the COM2 port address is not set in the BDA
  • Updated the Lenovo splash screen

version 2FKT17A

  • Fixes a problem where the video screen is blank when using the ADD2-R adapter

version 2FKT16A

  • Fixes a problem where the system does not turn off after boot block recovery
  • Hides Ethernet when disabled in Setup
  • Adds code to issue hard drive "freeze lock" command to all drives on return from S3 power state
  • Fixes a problem where Transfer mode becomes PIO after disabling parallel ATA
  • Updates video BIOS to address ADD-2 card problem with monitor detection

version 2FKT15A

  • Issues hard drive Freeze Lock command to all drives on S3 return
  • Fixes a problem where the system hangs after a boot block recovery when custom defaults are set. This problem was injected in 2FKT14A.
  • Winphlash.exe now accepts 12 character passwords

version 2FKT14A

  • Increases the number of parameters accepted by flash2.exe
  • Adds cfgedt2F.exe to the 2FJ514A.EXE
  • Ensures Loading Custom Defaults settings remain after the system is rebooted
  • Adds 12 character password support to the BIOS WinPhlash interface. Still waiting for the update of Winphlash.exe program to support 12 character passwords.
  • Fixes a Setup typo in the Automatic Power On help text
  • Fixes SMBIOS structures
  • Wake on LAN now follows the Automatic Startup Sequence
  • Fixes an intermittant problem detecting the hard drives when they are connected to connectors SATA2 or SATA3
  • Fixes a problem that causes the SATA transfer mode becoming PIO after the PATA drives were disabled
  • Warning is now displayed during POST if a high power processor is used in the system
  • Improves the rear USB port signal quality
  • Adds Lenovo copyright statement

version 2FKT13A

  • Fixes a problem that prevents some video device drivers from loading
  • Fixes a problem where the flash diskette hangs before the BIOS update starts

version 2FKT12A

  • Fixes a problem displaying the MAC address in the Setup screen
  • Improves USB port signal quality

version 2FKT11A

  • Initial Production Release
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