Summary of changes for BIOS update - ThinkCentre A55 (type 8705, 8706, 8972, 8975, 8982, 8985, 8994, 9265) / M55e (type 6490, 6491, 9278, 9279, 9288, 9379, 9380, 9389, 9632, 9637, 9648, 9649)

version 2OKT48A

  • Enhances the keyboard security hole

version 2OKT47A

  • Fixes the problem where error message is prompted by the fan when system is at low temperature ( below -10 degree centigrade)

version 2OKT46A

  • Fixes the problem with the fan when system is at low temperature -
  • Fixes Auto Power On issue
  • Updates "DMI3_SERIAL_NUM" in DMI OEM table for LC requirement

version 2OKT45A

  • Adds auto adjust feature for Conroe CPU where the CPU ID=6F6h, to update the thermal adjustment
  • Fixes the S3 resume fail when click USB mouse and KB entering S3
  • Adds some update for thermal for Conroe CPU
  • Fixes 1 key recovery issue

version 2OKT44A

  • Adds card bus support
  • ITE SIO update
  • Changes Wake On LAN default from primary to automatic
  • DMI shows CPU external clock

version 2OKT43A

  • Fixes MCU and USB panel issue
  • Updates thermal solution for CPU ID=F47

version 2OKT42A

  • Updates CPU microcode for E4500 MO

version 2OKT41A

  • Adds support for case open function
  • Makes system load Lenovo application USB disk smoothly
  • Adds support for quiet model function

version 2OKT40A

  • Fixes a problem where BIOS does not detect the HLDS GCR-H10N CD-ROM drive when it is installed in the same system as a HLDS GDR-8164B DVD-ROM drive

version 2OKT39A

  • Adds support for three new CPUs

version 2OKT38A

  • Fixes a problem where the BIOS menu shows 3GB of memory when 4GB of memory is installed

version 2OKT37A

  • Fix a problem where a blue screen error occurs after S3 resume when running Windows Vista

version 2OKT36A

  • Fixes a problem that occurs with combo drives
  • Fixes to show correct cache size with Intel 925 CPU

version 2OKT35A

  • Adds Intel OSB support
  • Fixes a problem where the system occasionally hangs during POST

version 2OKT34A

  • Fixes a problem that results in a flash tool error

version 2OKT33A

  • Fixes a problem that results in a flash part write protect error

version 2OKT32A

  • Fixes a problem where the mouse will not work under Windows Vista if only a mouse was plugged
  • Fixes a problem where the system hangs when selecting a partition on which to install the operating system while installing Windows 2000
  • Fixes a problem where the start sequence can't be saved

version 2OKT31A

  • Adds support for Intel 6 serial CPU EIST function
  • Fixes a problem where the keyboard can't input after upgrading BIOS when WP# is low
  • Adds support for the safety BIOS ROM feature

version 2OKT30A

  • Enhances thermal function on some models
  • Adds more SPI flash ROM support (PM25LV040 and mx25l400)

version 2OKT29A

  • Adds support for SMBIOS2.4
  • Adds new CPU code support

version 2OKT28A

  • Fixes a problem with installing Windows Vista with an external VGA card
  • Adds support for Windows Vista audio driver
  • Adjusts Keyboard LED status after standby

version 2OKT27A

  • Adds a beep warning when no memory is installed
  • Adds SLP2 function support
  • Fixes a problem where some USB devices cause the system to hang when entering Windows XP
  • Fixes a problem where the system cannot wake up from S1 when using a PS2 keyboard or mouse

version 2OKT26A

  • Fixes a compatibility issue with some test software

version 2OKT25A

  • Fixes a problem where the Setup utility may show a Conroe CPU frequency mismatch

version 2OKT24A

  • Fixes a problem where the system fails to read CPU temperature
  • Adds warning message when flashing to previous level BIOS

version 2OKT23A

  • Fixes a problem where "Incomplete Previous Boot" errors occur sometimes

version 2OKT22A

  • Fixes a problem where the DMI log can not be cleared sometimes
  • Fixes a problem where multi applications are initialized differently with Conroe CPUs

version 2OKT21A

  • Fixes a problem where a CPU information display error occurs with 950 CPUs

version 2OKT20A

  • Fixes a problem where the stress test fails

version 2OKT19A

  • Fixes a problem where the S3 function fails with some CPUs

version 2OKT18A

  • For internal use only (Same as 17A)

version 2OKT17A

  • Fixes a problem where some DMI information is not correct
  • Fixes a problem where a FAN failure error can not be shown during POST

version 2OKT16A

  • Fixes a problem where standby cannot be resumed with a Conroe CPU
  • Fixes a problem where the fan speed is not correct in the Setup utility

version 2OKT15A

  • Initial Production Release
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