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      Access IBM - Customization Guide

      access ibm messaging


      This page contains information, tool, and instructions on the new Access IBM experience -- an updated help and support application for the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Predesktop Area (a help, recovery, configuration, and diagnostic environment that can be opened even if Microsoft windows won't.) These tools and instructions enable you to tailor various aspects of the environment to fit your in-house needs.

      The information on the page applies to the following IBM systems:

      • ThinkCentre A50, machine type 8320, 8419
      • ThinkCentre A50p, machine type 8192, 8193, 8194, 8195, 8196, 8197, 8432, 8433
      • ThinkCentre M50, machine type 8185, 8186, 8187, 8188, 8189, 8190, 8413, 8414, 8415
      • ThinkCentre S50, machine type 8183, 8184, 8416, 8417, 8418
      • ThinkPad G40, machine types 2384, 2387, 2388, 2389
      • ThinkPad R40, machine type 2681, 2682, 2683, 2722, 2723, 2724
      • ThinkPad R40e, machine type 2684, 2685
      • ThinkPad T40, machine type 2373, 2374, 2375, 2376
      • ThinkPad X31, machine type 2672, 2673

      Click here for information on other IBM ThinkPad systems.

      Predesktop Area

      The Predesktop Area -- a graphical user interface that can open even if Windows will not start -- can be accessed when you choose to interrupt the normal startup sequence to change BIOS settings, for instance. If you are unable to start normally, IBM offers several applications in the Predesktop Area that can help get you up and running again.

      • Predesktop Area white paper: This document describes the hidden protected service area technology, its benefits, and the new Predesktop Area that IBM has created for you. It answers some of the questions about information security, how this new technology affects your computer, and how you can leverage the technology in conjunction with your own image building tools.
      • Predesktop Administrator Utility: This tool enables you to change security of, or access to, the settings of the Predesktop Area. You can even hide various Predesktop Area functions from users. It is a DOS-based tool that has a command line interface.
      Access IBM for the Microsoft Windows operating system
      The Access IBM environment combines and provides a help system, called Access Help, and many other links and tools into one convenient interface. Tools and instructions are available to tailor these applications to make them applicable to your business environment. All of IBM's value is accessible from one easy-to-use application.
      • Access IBM Customization White paper: This document explains why you might want to customize and what is involved.
      • Access IBM Customization tool: This tool enables you to change content and look of your Access IBM application. It is a wizard-like tool that walks you through the interface and allows you to easily change categories and listed content as well as add your own, if appropriate.
      • Access Help Customization help system: This HTML Help-based document describes how to manipulate the help content -- how to add, delete, and edit topics and how to remove entire chapters, based on your users and your business. It explains how to work with Microsoft's HTML Help Workshop (a tool available at no cost from Microsoft), the information development tool used to create the IBM help system.
      • HTML Help project (.HHP) files: These sets of files, which exist per family and can be obtained from the following page, are needed to tell the HTML Help compiler what attributes to apply when compiling the help modules.
      The new Access IBM Messaging Center, available to you with computers on which we pre-install software, is used by both the Access IBM and Access Support features. Our computers support both local (on your client computer) messages as well as messages pushed to computers from the web.
      • Messaging white paper - This document explains how to script and store a local message so it will display in the Access IBM Messaging Center. It will also explain infrastructure requirements for pushing content from a Web site onto a client and displaying in the Access IBM Message Center.








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