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      How to use the function (Fn) keys on the keyboard - ThinkPad X40

      The following table shows what each function key (Fn) key on your keyboard is for and how to use them.


      • The Fn key works independently from the operating system.

      Fn keyFunction

      Turn off the computer (LCD) display, leaving the screen blank

      To turn the LCD display on again, press any key or the TrackPoint pointing stick. The computer display is also turned on if you attach the ac adapter to the computer, or detach it.


      Put your computer in standby mode. To return to normal operation, press the Fn key only, without pressing a function key.


      1. This mode is called suspend mode in Microsoft Windows NT.
      2. In Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 2000, this combination of buttons functions as a sleep button. You can change the setting so that pressing it puts the computer into hibernation mode or even shuts the computer down.

      Enable or disable the built-in wireless networking features (the IEEE 802.11 standard). If you press Fn + F5, a list of wireless features is displayed in the Wireless Radio Control window. You can quickly change the power state of each feature in the list.
      This function is supported in Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Microsoft Windows 98.


      Switch between the LCD and an external monitor (CRT). If an external monitor is attached, computer output is displayed in the following three patterns by turns:

      • CRT display
      • LCD + CRT display
      • LCD

      To enable this function in Windows 2000 and Windows XP, do the following:

      1. Start Windows 2000 or Windows XP, and log on to the system.
      2. Press Fn+F7 and select a display-switching function in the Initial setup window


      1. For any operating system other than Windows XP or Windows 2000, no additional procedure is needed. Just press Fn+F7.
      2. This function is not supported if different desktop images are displayed on the computer display and the external monitor.
      3. This function does not work while a DVD movie or a video clip is playing.

      Applying a presentation scheme
      Note: This function is supported only in Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
      Apply a presentation scheme directly, with no need to start Presentation Director. To enable this function, do the following:

      1. Start Windows 2000 or Windows XP, and log on to the system.
      2. Press Fn+F7. The Initial setup window opens.
      3. Select a presentation scheme function for the Fn+F7 key combination. The setting window opens.
      4. Select the optional setting.



      Turn screen expansion on or off. If your screen image is smaller than the physical display, switch the size of the computer screen between expanded mode and normal mode.

      Note: This function is not supported in Windows XP and Windows 2000.


      Opens the ThinkPad EasyEject Utility screen. Buttons for the following choices are displayed:

      • Eject ThinkPad PC from X4 UltraBase: This button is displayed only if the ThinkPad computer has been attached to a X4 UltraBase. You can detach the computer from the X4 UltraBase.
      • Run EasyEject Actions: You can select, stop, and remove external devices connected to the ThinkPad computer.
      • Configure EasyEject Actions: You can open the ThinkPad EasyEject Utility main window.
      • Fn+F9 Settings: You can configure the settings for the Fn+F9 function.


      • This function is supported only in Windows XP and Windows 2000.
      • You can use this Utility to stop and remove all ejectable devices connected to your ThinkPad computer, and the ThinkPad X4 UltraBase Dock.

      Put your computer in hibernation mode. To return to normal operation, press the power button for less than four seconds.
      Note: To use Fn+F12 for hibernation in Windows XP and Windows 2000, the PM device driver must have been installed on the computer.

      Fn+PgUpTurn the ThinkLight on or off

      Note: This function is supported only on the ThinkPad computers that have the ThinkLight. The on or off status of the ThinkLight is shown on the screen for a few seconds when the user presses Fn+PgUp.
      Fn+HomeThe LCD becomes brighter.
      Fn+EndThe LCD becomes dimmer.
      Fn+SpacebarEnable the FullScreen Magnifier function.



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