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      Docking movie - ThinkPad Dock II, Mini-Dock, and Port Replicator II using ThinkPad R50/p, R51, R52, T40/p, T41/p, T42/p and T43/p systems only

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      Note: ThinkPad Dock II, Mini Dock, and ThinkPad Port Replicator II provide docking for all ThinkPad X, T, and A series systems that support Docking stations. R40 and earlier R series machines that support docking are supported only on the ThinkPad Port Replicators and Mini Dock. Please check the system documentation or with your product representative for additional information.

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      This movie demonstrates docking currently unique to ThinkPad T40 and R50 systems with a MiniDock . The process is identical with ThinkPad Dock II or Port Replicator II, the exception being the Port Replicator does not have a system key lock. The system is in a completely powered off state. For further information consult the user's guide.

      1. Plug in the power cord.
      2. Insert the key and turn it to the unlocked upright position.
      3. The new Mini Dock, ThinkPad Port replicator II, and ThinkPad Dock II provide docking for a wide variety of systems in part due to the sliding adjuster plate.
        The sliding adjuster plate at the top of the dock must be in the rear position only for ThinkPad T40 and R50 systems.
        If the plate is in the forward position, slide the plate back from the left side of the dock.
      4. If docking a system with the high capacity 9 cell battery, place the extended area of the battery above the movable flap on the sliding plate and press down.
      5. The connector on the bottom of the computer must line up with the connector on the dock.
      6. Use your fingers on both sides to center machine over the dock.
      7. Some of the newer model ThinkPads, Mini Docks, Port Replicators, and Docks have alignment arrows to assist you in proper docking. Use those as a guide.
      8. Press firmly and equally on both sides of your computer until you hear a click.
        Note: It is very important to apply equal pressure on both sides of the computer while pressing down.
      9. After you hear the first click, apply firm pressure in the center of your ThinkPad with your palm to assure a good connection.
      10. Turn the key to locked horizontal position and remove the key.


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