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      Brightness setting by pressing HotKey or adjusting the display brightness value in "Windows Mobility Center" cannot be saved after sleep or hibernate - Notebooks

      The display brightness can be changed by pressing the HotKey command (Fn+Home or Fn+End) or by adjusting the display brightness in "Windows Mobility Center." After resuming from hibernation or sleep mode, you may notice that the display brightness is not the same as it was before entering hibernation or sleep mode. The display brightness in the selected power plan is set.

      Affected configurations
      Any ThinkPad or 3000 Family notebook running Microsoft Windows Vista.

      After resume from sleep or hibernate, set the temporary brightness level again by the HotKey or in Windows Mobility Center.

      Visit http://www.support.microsoft.com and consult Microsoft Knowledge Base Article number 929249 is for this issue.

      If you want to modify the display brightness settings in the power plan, follow the instruction below:

      1. Open Control Panel, then click Power Options.
      2. Click Change plan settings of selected the power plan.
      3. Move the bar for "Adjust display brightness."
      4. Save changes.

      Additional information
      This symptom is a caused by a limitation of Windows Vista. The user can modify the brightness level using one of the following methods:
      • Pressing hot key (Fn+Home or End Key)
      • Brightness control in Windows Mobility Center

      This temporary brightness level is not saved in the selected power plan. After sleep or hibernate, Windows Vista sets the brightness level in the selected power plan.


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