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      Intel wireless adapters have limited connection methods and cannot be controlled via Fn + F5 - ThinkPad


      The system may give an error message when pressing Fn + F5 to turn the WLAN radio on or off. Only WEP or Windows Managed wireless profiles will function.

      Affected configurations
      Any ThinkPad system running Microsoft Windows XP with the following Wireless LAN (WLAN) adapters may experience this error:
      • Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2200abg Mini PCI adapter
      • Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2915abg Mini PCI adapter
      • Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 3945abg Mini PCI adapter

      Intel is currently reviewing this issue for a fix. The following are valid workarounds to restore functionality, but may break the application which installed LIBEAY32.DLL.

      • Remove or rename LIBEAY32.DLL (eg, rename to LIBEAY32.DLL.BAK) for any occurrence of the file in the Windows folder, and all of it's sub-folders.
      • Copy the LIBEAY32.DLL from the c:\program files\intel\wireless\bin\ folder on top of other LIBEAY32.DLL files in Windows folder structure, or the PATH.
      • Edit the PATH via right-click My Computer, click Properties, click Advanced, click Environment Variables, click Path, click Edit, and move Intel's \Wireless\Bin folder to be the very first item in the list.
      Additional information

      Intel WLAN driver has always used a component called LIBEAY32.DLL. This is an open source project which many companies use to encode / decode data streams. Intel once placed this component in C:\Windows\System32. However, recent drivers for the 2200 / 2915 / 3945 adapters now place this file in C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin. This component is mandatory for the Fn + F5 function to work, and for the customer to use any network connection method other than WEP, Windows managed, or none. (eg, PEAP, LEAP, etc... will not work). This will cause total Fn + F5 and CCX functionality failure for all 2200 / 2915 / 3945 WLAN adapters.
      The failure is caused in one of two ways:

      • Another application installs LIBEAY32.DLL into any part of the \Windows\ path structure
      • Another application installs it's folder which includes a different version of the LIBEAY32.DLL in the PATH variable, and that folder is located higher in the PATH than Intel's PATH variable pointing to \Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin
        Note: With default Windows XP settings, if you search all of C: for any occurrence of LIBEAY32.DLL, Windows may not find the file, even if it exists. To accurately search you need to modify your search options to also search system folders and compressed folders / files. (Or you can browse to the folder and check manually. The common locations for the file are in C:\Windows, and C:\Windows\System32)

      Although there may be other applications which may also install this file, to date we have confirmed that LIBEAY32.DLL may be installed to the system path by the following applications:

      • Crystal Reports
      • iPass software
      • SpySweeper


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