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DisplayPort Adapter Cables (45J7915, 57Y4393) Compatibility - ThinkPad W700/W701


DisplayPort adapter cables are not supported on ThinkPad W700. Only the Single-Link DVI-D adapter cable is supported on the ThinkPad W701.

DisplayPort Monitor Cables include:

  • DisplayPort to Single-Link DVI-D Adapter Cable (Option Marketing P/N: 45J7915, FRU Service P/N: 43N9160, Manufacturing P/N: 54Y9903 or 43N9159)
  • DisplayPort to VGA Adapter Cable (Option Marketing P/N: 57Y4393, FRU Service P/N: 57Y4141 or 45J9524, Manufacturing P/N: 57Y4140)
Affected configurations

All ThinkPad W700/W700ds/W701/W701ds models.


The ThinkPad W700/W701 DisplayPort is a DisplayPort-only source, not a Dual-Mode source, and thus cannot support the DisplayPort adapter cables.

The DisplayPort adapter cables are supported only on systems that have a dual-mode source DisplayPort interface.

The ThinkPad W700's DisplayPort implementation is single-mode, not dual-mode, and adapter cables will not function. The W701's DisplayPort is dual-mode and can output single-link DVI-D when used with the appropriate adapter cable.

If the user wants to connect a DVI display to the W700, please connect it to either the Dual-Link DVI-I connector on the system, or to the Dual-Link DVI-I connector on the Mini Dock. On the W701, single-link displays can be connected with the appropriate adapter cable. Displays can also be connected to the system's dual-link DVI connector on the Mini Dock.


For a list of supported systems and graphic cards, go to: http://www.lenovo.com/support/monitoraccessories

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