Microsoft Windows 2000 is not supported for Radeon HD 2400XT, 2400PRO and HD 2600XT Video Card - ThinkStation, ThinkCentre

  1. The Radeon video drivers fail to install with Microsoft Windows 2000.
Affected configurations

The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

  • ThinkStation All machine Types
  • ThinkCentre All machine Types

The system is configured with one of the following video adapters:

Radeon HD 2400XT 128MB TV-out PCI-E (FRU 43C0259)

Radeon HD 2400XT 256MB TV-out PCI-E (FRU 43C0260)

Radeon HD 2400PRO (FRU 43C0259, 41U5763)

Radeon HD 2600XT 512MB DVI-I TV-Out PCI-E (FRU 43C0261)


None. The video driver is working as designed. As of April 2007, AMD no longer supports the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system.


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