Blue screen error "NMI Parity Error" may intermittently occur with Thinkpad a/b or a/b/g WLAN card - ThinkPad


Some ThinkPad systems that contain the ThinkPad a/b or a/b/g Wireless LAN adapter may experience a specific blue screen error called "NMI Parity Error" when power save mode in the adapter properties is set to maximum. This may occur when the system is booting to the Microsoft Windows desktop, or while the system is up and running. It could occur on battery mode, or while the system is plugged into the AC adapter.

Affected configurations

ThinkPads with ThinkPad a/b or a/b/g Wireless LAN Adapter running Windows XP may be affected by this symptom.


Update driver to version or later

Wireless Software

Additional Information

There are many possible different sources for the same blue screen error message under the Microsoft Windows operating systems. Not all "NMI Parity Error" problems are caused by this one specific wireless driver issue.

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