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      How do I create Recovery CDs using ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery

      Affected configurations

      Any of the following Lenovo systems:

      • All Thinkpads
      • All ThinkStation
      • All Thinkcentre
      • Lenovo 3000 Products with the Lenovo Preload

      IdeaPad/IdeaCentre systems ship with Recovery media using One Key Recovery.

      • A CD/DVD Writer Drive
      • Recordable Media
        • Vista = DVD Media (3 - 4 depending on system)
        • XP = CD-R Media (5 - 9 CD-Rs depending on system)
      How do I create Recovery CDs?

      Lenovo has included on the preload an application that can be used to create a recovery set of CD/DVDs for your system.

      Notification of Recovery CD option.

      Recovery CD notification


      Step One

      To create your recovery media simply click Start, All Programs and look for the Lenovo Care (on Lenovo 3000 systems) or Thinkvantage (on Think series products).

      Create Recovery Media Menu

      Then click on the Create Recovery media icon.

      Step Two

      The Create Rescue & Recovery Media application will now load. Once the application opens you will see the following:

      Create Rescue and Recovery Media Step 2

      Make sure that you click on the Create a set of Product Recovery Discs now then click OK.

      If you do not see the Create a set of Product Recovery discs now option then your system has already created a set of recovery media. The Microsoft license that is included with your system does not allow more than one set of recovery media to be created for a single system.

      Recovery Discs License

      NOTE: Your system will now spend a few minutes extracting all of the files you will need to create your recovery media.

      Create Recovery Dics Progress

      Step Three

      Once all of the files are extracted you will see the following screen.

      Recordable Drive Location

      Make sure that the drive shown is your writable drive (usually shown as D: in the list) Then click OK.

      Step Four

      You will now see the following screen.

      Insert blank or erasable disc

      If you have a Vista preloaded system:

      • Place a single DVD-R disc into the drive and click OK to begin.

      If you have a Windows XP preloaded system:

      • Place a CD-R into the drive and click OK to begin.

      The system will now start creating the Recovery CD and you will see the following screens at each step of the process.

      Recovery CD progress screenshot #1

      Recovery CD progress screenshot #2

      Recovery CD progress screenshot #3

      Recovery CD progress screenshot #4

      When the CD is done you will see a message asking you to label the disc. Click OK when you are ready to start the next disc.

      Recovery CD progress screenshot #5

      Make sure that you place the completed cd into a sleeve or case that protects the media from scratches.

      Step Five

      You will now continue on to the next disc in the recovery media set.

      • Vista Preload
        • Insert a new DVD-R disc to create your Operating System Recovery Disc (Disc #2)
      • Windows XP Preload
        • Insert a new CD-R disc to create the next recovery disc.

      Then (Repeat Step Four) for each CD until you see the following message.

      Recording completed successfully

      Process completed successfully

      Once you see this message you have completed the process and now have a complete set of recovery media.

      If you encounter an error creating the media see below for troubleshooting steps.

      Error Messages you may encounter when you run this program

      Error message 1 screenshot

      The recorderable media you inserted is not blank. Take the media out and insert a new one that is unused. Make sure that the media does not have any dark circles on it (look on the bottom of the media).

      Error message 2 screenshot

      You have inserted a CD-RW or DVD-RW disc into the system and it still has data on it.

      Error message 3 screenshot

      Click Yes to erase the media and allow the system to create the CD/DVD.

      Error message 4 screenshot

      This error typically appears due to two situations:

      1. The CD-R/DVD-R media is bad. Try another type of media.
      2. You have other applications running at the same time causing transfer errors.
        • Make sure you close out all applications and then re-run the create recovery media application.



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