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      White horizontal lines are seen on the LCD panel while the system is booting into Vista


      White horizontal lines are seen on the LCD panel while the system is booting into Vista.

      Affected configurations

      The following ThinkPad and Lenovo 3000 systems may be affected by this symptom:

      • ThinkPad R60 (type 9444, 9445, 9456, 9457, 9458, 9459)
      • ThinkPad R60e
      • ThinkPad R60i (type 0657, 9456)
      • ThinkPad T60 (type 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 6369, 6370, 6371, 6372, 6373, 6374)
      • ThinkPad T60p (type 1952)
      • ThinkPad Z61e (type 0672, 0673)
      • ThinkPad Z61m (type 0675, 9452, 9453)
      • ThinkPad Z61t
      • ThinkPad X60
      • ThinkPad X60s
      • ThinkPad X60 Tablet
      • Lenovo3000 C200 (type 8922)
      • Lenovo3000 N100 (type 0689, 0768)
      • Lenovo3000 V100 (type 0763)

      Intel's integrated graphics chipset (Napa) which has two ways to control the video:

      1. Operating system direct control.
      2. Video driver control.

      While Vista is booting, the operating system will use its own built in process to control the video output. As the operating system is booting, it will initiate the video driver and transfer control of the video output to the Intel video driver. When the video device is initialized, user may observe several white lines flashing across the screen for a moment.


      This behavior is caused by a video device initialization. It is not a cause for concern, and there is no functional problem.


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