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      Undocking movie - ThinkPad Dock II, Mini-Dock, and Port Replicator II

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      Docking other systems not R50, T40, T41 movie

      Docking R50, T40, and T41 systems only movie

      Note: ThinkPad Dock II, Mini Dock, and ThinkPad Port Replicator II provide docking for all ThinkPad X, T, and A series systems that support Docking stations. R40 and earlier R series machines that support docking are supported only on the ThinkPad Port Replicators and Mini Dock. Please check the system documentation or with your product representative for additional information.

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      This movie demonstrates undocking all supported ThinkPad systems from a MiniDock The process is identical with the ThinkPad Dock II or Port Replicator II, the exception being the Port Replicator does not have a system key lock. The system is in a completely powered off state. For further information consult the user's guide.

      1. Shut down the system.
      2. Insert the key and turn it to the upright position.
      3. Push the pop eject button so the button pops up.
      4. Hold the machine on the left side with your hand and again push the eject button, this time firmly pushing the button to eject the machine.
      5. Grasp both sides of the machine and remove the computer.

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