Summary of changes for BIOS update - ThinkPad Z61e, Z61m, Z61p, Z61t

Summary of changes

Version 7FETA9WW (2.27)
BIOS: 2.27 / ECP: 1.08

  • (New) Updated the Computrace part in the BIOS.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where the computer might not start when a new ThinkPad Hard Drive Bay Adapter was installed in the Docking Station.

Version 7FETA8WW (2.26)

  • (Fix) (On Windows Vista) The Fn+Home/End key operation to adjust the screen brightness does not work when the lid is closed to enter sleep mode with battery-powered and the AC adapter is attached to the computer with the lid closed and then the lid is opened to resume normal operation.

Version 7FETA7WW (2.25)

  • (New) Enhancement of security function.
  • (Fix) The hard disk password of hard disk installed in the Docking Station can not be replaced with your fingerprint.
  • (Fix) The computer may hang while formatting CardBus ATA drive on Windows Vista 64-bit SP1.

Version 7FETA6WW (2.24)

  • (New) Added the new BIOS Setup option to avoid system hang even if the AC adapter is removed from the ThinkPad Advanced Mini Dock while the computer is attached to it.
    • *How to enable: Set the Legacy Devices on Mini-Dock option to 'Disabled' of Docking Station of Config in BIOS Setup menu.
    • *Note: A serial and a parallel port on the Mini-Dock will be disabled with this setup.
  • (Fix) Wake on LAN (WOL) may fail.

Version 7FETA5WW (2.23)

  • (New) A design change that the screen is set to extended desktop mode with an external display and "When I close the lid of my portable computer" option in the power option is set to "Do nothing", and when the lid is closed;
    • (Old) The extended display mode is canceled and video output is switched to the external display only, so icons on the desktop will be moved.
    • (New) The extended display mode is kept and video output is not switched, so icons on the desktop are not moved.

Version 7FETA4WW (2.22)

  • (New) Function enhancement of capturing the BIOS configuration information on the computer by BIOS Settings Capture/Playback Utility.
  • (Fix) Once a fingerprint matching fails on the fingerprint sensor at power-on time, a power-on password prompt may appear immediately without retries of fingerprint detection.
  • (Fix) Fingerprint matching fails on the fingerprint sensor at power-on time if a USB device is detached from the computer during fingerprint's authentication.
  • (Fix) The computer may hang at the power-on if device configuration is changed in the BIOS Setup immediately after resuming normal operation from hibernation mode.
  • (Fix) An error may occur at the power-on after ThinkPad BIOS Settings for Windows runs and then the computer goes into hibernation mode.

Version 7FETA3WW (2.21)

  • (New) (AMD video models only) Support for a new type of video memory.
    Note: By this update, downgrading the BIOS to the version 2.1 or lower can not be done on the AMD video models.
  • (Fix) (AMD video models only) Flicker may occur on the specific external display.
  • (Fix) The computer may not resume from suspend mode when a USB mouse is connected to it on Windows Vista.
  • (Fix) When running on battery power, high pitch noise sound may be audible while a USB1.1 device is connected.

Version 7FETA0WW (2.18)

  • (New) Support for Intel Virtualization Technology. A new Intel Virtualization Technology option is added to the CPU of the Config menu in BIOS Setup Utility.
    Note: The option is set to "disabled" after the BIOS update.
  • (Fix) The screen resolution of external display attached to the mini-dock may be changed from SXGA to XGA when the computer is attached/ detached to/from the mini-dock repeatedly (Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 models only)
  • (Fix) The system may fail to boot from the optical drive.
Version 7FET99WW (2.17)
  • [Important] This BIOS contains a critical processor microcode update to improve system reliability. Lenovo highly recommends that you apply this BIOS update.
  • (Fix) Upgraded to the latest microcode update for Intel Core 2 Duo processor.
Version 7FET98WW (2.16)
  • [Important] (Windows Vista only) The computer may stop booting from the hard drive with the following error message.
    2100: Initialization error on HDD0 (Main hard disk drive)
Version 7FET97WW (2.15)
  • (Fix) SMBIOS does not recognize the Modem jack (RJ-11).
  • (Fix) A yellow question mark (?) mark may appear on the Texas Instruments PCI-1510 CardBus Controller device in the Device Manager.
Version 7FET96WW (2.14)
  • (New) Support for Microsoft Windows Vista.
  • (Fix) DOS EMM386.EXE causes system hang or data corruption in USB memory when the DOS operating system boots from the USB memory.
  • (Fix) While using battery power during DVD playback, Windows blue screen error may occur. (ATI video chip models)
Version 7FET94WW (2.12)
  • (Fix) If the computer is forcibly shut down by special conditions (such like, pressing the power button for a few seconds or battery down in suspend mode), the computer may not work after power on.
Version 7FET93WW (2.11)
  • (Fix) If a supervisor password is installed, input of the supervisor password may be required while BIOS update to version 2.04 or 2.06.
Version 7FET91WW (2.09)
  • (New) (Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 model only) Support for video memory size up to 224MB.
    Note: Video memory size is always shown as 224MB, however, only required size by 3D software will be actually allocated up to 224MB..
Version 7FET88WW (2.06)
  • (Fix) In the BIOS version 2.04, the screen color in the VGA mode (shown in BIOS Setup menu, for example) may not be correct.
  • (Fix) After closing and then opening the LCD, location of icons on the Windows desktop may be changed.
    Note: To resolve this problem, after updating the BIOS with this package, the following display driver must be installed, again. Video driver Intel 900/950/910GML/915GM/940GML/945GM Version or higher
Version 7FET86WW (2.04)
  • (New) Support for new ThinkPad Z61e/Z61m/Z61p/Z61t models in October/2006.
  • (New) Support for some wide screen modes. - (New) Enhancement of power management.
  • (Fix) If the computer is undocked from its docking station without correct Windows "Undock Computer" procedures, USB devices may not be recognized after hot-docking.
  • (Fix) Ethernet device appears in "Safely Remove Hardware" menu.
Version 7FET53WW (1.13)
  • (New) Support for a new type of video memory (ThinkPad Z61m with ATI Mobility-RADEON X1300/X1400 video chip).
  • (New) Upgraded to latest microcode update for Intel Core processor. (BIOS)
  • (Fix) Unable to rotate LCD screen in 1920x1200 resolution, 32bit color mode (ThinkPad Z61p). (BIOS)
  • (Fix) When the Password reset service of BIOS Setup is enabled and Passphrase is disabled, Power On Password or HDP may not be unlocked with a registered password by the Password reset service. (BIOS)
  • (Fix) Hard drive reset may not be issued to secondary hard drive of Docking station when communication reset is required. (BIOS)
  • (Fix) Fails to boot from a USB device while the global switch being off. (BIOS)
  • (Fix) Entering standby may fail in a certain case. USB host controller setting is changed to fix. (BIOS)
  • (Fix) Display switching to external Display or Projector via Presentation Director sometimes fails. (BIOS)
  • Fix) USB device enumeration fails at hot dock after undock without eject PC. (BIOS)
  • (Fix) IR device appears on device manager in non-IR model. (BIOS)
  • (Fix) Stops checking battery voltage for a while after starting trickle charge. (EC)

Version 7FET50WW (1.10)

  • (New) Support for ThinkPad Z61p.
  • (Fix) The computer may detect Bluetooth device not existing.
  • (Fix) The computer may hang very intermittently when ThinkVantage Active Protection System accesses its sensor.

Version 7FET48WW (1.08)

  • (New) Support for 1280x768 resolution panel.
  • (Fix) Improved frame drop during DVD playback in battery mode.
  • (Fix) Spontaneous wrong key may be input when you press keys on the external PS/2 type keyboard.
    • Numeric characters (2, 4, 6 and 8) may be inserted while the cursor keys are pressed.
    • Shift key operation is done without pressing the shift key.
    • Only upper case characters are typed.
    • Multiple selections with the cursor keys.
    • Numeric keypad may work as the cursor keys.

Version 7FET46WW (1.06)

  • (Fix) The function to disable Infrared Device in BIOS Setup Utility does not work correctly (BIOS).
Version 7FET45WW (1.05)
  • (New) Support for ThinkPad Z61m, Z61t, and Z61e.

Affected configurations

Any of the following systems:

  • ThinkPad Z61e
  • ThinkPad Z61m
  • ThinkPad Z61p
  • ThinkPad Z61t


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