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      Troubleshooting hard drive issues - ThinkPad

      • Lenovo provided diagnostics must be completed and any error codes or messages noted prior to hard drive replacement.
      • Noisy drives are not always defective. Some are just inherently noisy. If possible, compare against another identical drive with the same (FRU) number.
      • Some of these steps may not apply to your system.
      • Test the hard drive after performing each step.
      1. Check that the hard drive is recognized in BIOS, and is properly set up in the startup sequence for ThinkPad G, R, T, X, and Z series systems.
        1. Turn on the computer
        2. At the ThinkPad splash screen, press F1 for BIOS Setup Utility.  If a password prompt appears, type the correct password.  The BIOS Setup Utility menu will be displayed.
        3. Select Startup and then press the Enter key.
        4. Select Boot and then press the Enter key.
          1. Ensure that you see ATA HDD0 and that it has a device id next to it (EX:  ATA HDD0 HITACHI HTS543232L9SA00)
        5. Press F10 to save and exit and then press the Enter key to select Yes which will restart the system.
      2. Reseat the drive.

        Note: Although the hard drive can be upgraded, it is not designed to be removed and reinserted on a regular basis. Repeated and frequent removal, for purposes other than to upgrade for greater capacity or problem determination, can cause damage to the system.  Please review the Hardware Maintenance Manual for your system for detailed instructions.
        Shut down, remove the power cord, and remove the battery from the ThinkPad system before removing the drive.

        If another similar system is available, then verify that the drive works in the other system. In the event that the hard drive does work in another system, the original ThinkPad system is probably at fault. Test the hard drive for errors in the working configuration to ensure proper operation. Then, contact Support.

      3. Test the hard drive for errors.
        1. For all Current ThinkPad systems including R, T, W, X, as well as Z and G Series, please download and run the Lenovo Diagnostics Software for Hard Drive Quick Test.
          • Please check the compatible system listing to confirm the diagnostic will work on the particular machine. If the machine is not listed, go to the next step.
          • The Utility requires access to Windows. If Windows cannot be accessed, please go to the next step.
        2. To create a bootable USB key or CD of this diagnostic, download Lenovo Bootable Diagnostics
        3. Run the built in hard drive diagnostic program in the BIOS Setup Utility.
          Note: The BIOS hard drive diagnostic program is only available for the following systems:
          • 3000 C100, C200 notebook systems
          • Lenovo N100, N200, N500, V100, V200 notebook systems
          • 3000 J100, J105, J110, J115, J200, J200p, J205, S200, S200p, S205 desktop systems
          • All ThinkCentre systems
          • All ThinkStation systems
          • ThinkPad Edge 13, Edge E30
          • ThinkPad G40, G41, G50
          • ThinkPad R40, R40e, R50, R50e, R50p, R51, R51e, R52, R60, R60e, R60i, R61, R61e, R61i
          • ThinkPad R400, R500
          • ThinkPad SL300, SL400, SL400c, SL410, SL500, SL500c, SL510
          • ThinkPad T400, T400s, T410, T410s, T500, T510
          • ThinkPad T40, T40p, T41, T41p, T42, T42p, T43, T43p, T60, T60p, T61
          • ThinkPad W500, W510, W700, W700ds
          • ThinkPad X31, X32, X40, X41, X41 Tablet, X60, X60s, X60 Tablet, X61, X61s, X61 Tablet
          • ThinkPad X100e, X200, X200s, X200 Tablet, , X201, X201 Tablet, X300, X301
          • ThinkPad Z60m, Z60t, Z61e, Z61m, Z61p, Z61t
            1. Turn on the computer.
            2. At the ThinkPad splash screen, press F1 for BIOS Setup.  If a password prompt appears, type the correct password.  The BIOS setup Utility menu will be displayed.
            3. Select HDD diagnostic program and then press the Enter key.
            4. If an error is found during the hard drive test(s), please contact the Support Center for further assistance.  Please record the Error Code text.

        If any of the above tests fail with error codes, then document the error messages and

        contact Support

        . If the drive passes the test, then continue with step 4.

      4. Verify that the latest firmware updates for the ThinkPad system hard drive or optional hard drive have been installed.   This is accessible from the Lenovo support site http://support.lenovo.com.

      5. If these steps have not solved your problem:
        Refer to "Need more help?"
      Need more help?

      Optimize the hard drive performance by removing temporary files to increase the amount of free space.

      Note: Available system tools like Microsoft Scan Disk, Microsoft Disk Cleanup, or Microsoft Disk Defragmenter may also help to optimize the hard drive performance.

      Please select one of the following options for further assistance:

      Check warranty status and upgrade
      Get help at Lenovo Forum New!
      Contact your local technical Support Center


      Need additional information, visit the Windows Support Center


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