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      International Warranty Service Terms And Conditions (English)

      International Warranty Service (IWS) enables customers who travel with, or relocate any IWS-eligible Lenovo machine type to receive warranty service in any country where their machine type is announced and sold and supported by Lenovo or a Lenovo authorized reseller. IWS-eligible machine types can be serviced by Lenovo or Lenovo authorized resellers to perform warranty service under the Lenovo Limited Warranty and/or the destination country Warranty Services Agreement. The destination country is considered to be any country other than the country in which the machine was purchased, where the customer is looking for service support. The machine type is the first four numeric or alpha-numeric digits in the model or MTM number found on the bar code label of the product. The length of IWS-warranty service is based upon the original warranty period assigned in the country of origin where the machine type was first sold by Lenovo or a Lenovo authorized reseller. The method of service will be determined by the destination country. Lenovo makes no commitment that the same method of service purchased in the original country will be provided in the destination country. Service procedures vary by country, and some service and/or parts may not be available in all countries. Lenovo will use commercially reasonable efforts subject to support capabilities within the destination country to obtain parts. Some countries may have fees and restrictions that apply at the time of service such as packaging, shipping and handling fees. You will be advised of your responsibility to pay these fees at the time of service. Certain countries may require additional documentation, such as proof of purchase or proof of proper importation, prior to performing IWS service. IWS eligibility is based on the four-digit machine type; however, certain countries may not have the capability of servicing all models of a particular machine type. You will be contacted by your service provider if your machine type cannot be serviced in the destination country.

      If you have purchased an IWS-eligible machine type but choose not to accept these terms and conditions, please return your machine for refund based on local Lenovo and authorized reseller return policies.

      Important Note:

      • The IWS service is supported for new THINK products announced and sold after September 11th, 2015.
      • The IWS service is NOT supported for new idea products announced and sold after February 28th, 2016, except for certain models only (ideapad Yoga 900 laptops and Lenovo Miix 700 tablets).
      • Smartphones and tablet products are NOT supported by the IWS service.

      PCs sold prior to the dates mentioned above should refer to the previous IWS statement (version 2015).

      Service Coverage

      Note: For customers who have on-site base warranty, on-site service will be delivered where it is available.

      Warranty Upgrades: The only type of warranty upgrade covered under IWS is a warranty extension meaning an upgrade that extends the period of time for which the warranty is covered. If a customer has purchased warranty extension in the original country of hardware purchase to extend the Lenovo base warranty offered with a machine type, IWS will provide coverage until the end of purchased warranty extension. Methods of service for countries can be found in the Safety, Warranty and Setup Guide for your machine type at http://www.lenovo.com/support. Please contact Lenovo or your authorized reseller for more information if you wish to learn more about Lenovo’s international upgrade for warranty upgrade services.

      Note: Refurbished machines are not eligible for International Warranty Service. Refurbished machines can be identified by their model number (for example, refurbished machines have RRx, XXx, xRR or xxx as the model number). In general, most refurbished machine warranties are shorter than the original machine warranty and are only valid within the country of purchase.

      Customers can determine a machine's IWS eligibility by using the International Warranty Service lookup page to view:

      • A machine's warranty entitlement and IWS eligibility.
      • A list of countries providing IWS service.
      • Contact information where IWS service is available.

      Details on how to obtain IWS service

      To determine your machine's warranty entitlement, IWS eligibility, and if IWS service is available in the country to where you are traveling or relocating. This information can be obtained by visiting the Lenovo support web site. Follow the steps below:
      1. Navigate to Contact Us page.
      2. Search or browse for your product type, series and subseries.
          *Please take note that all IdeaCentre, Desktop Lenovo Series, 3000 Series, SmartPhones and Tablets are NOT covered by IWS
      3. Click on the International Warranty Service tile / icon.
      4. For Think-branded, enter your 4 digit machine type (for example 4384), click "Submit" button. All the contact list appear at bottom of the page.
      5. For idea-brandedproducts still covered under IWS, the contact list will appear at bottom of the page.
      6. To initiate service for the machine, please use the contact number provided for the country in question.

      ASEAN (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam)

      Customers requiring International Warranty Service in any of the ASEAN countries may be asked to provide one of the following in order to obtain IWS warranty repair service; proof of company identification (company letter, email, business card, company badge with photo ID), proof of purchase (purchase receipt, official order, delivery note, sales memo, or invoice), and/or proof of travel (passport with valid Visa to or from country where product was purchased, or other travel documents).


      Customers requiring International Warranty Service in China may be asked to provide one of the following in order to obtain IWS warranty repair service; proof of company identification (company letter, email, business card, company badge with photo ID), proof of purchase (purchase receipt, official order, delivery note, sales memo, or invoice), and/or proof of travel (passport with valid Visa to or from country where product was purchased, or other travel documents).

      For more details on China IWS click here.


      Customers requiring International Warranty Service in Argentina will be asked to provide the appropriate supporting documentation to prove proper importation of the machine.
      • (in case machine is brought to the country for personal use (example during a business trip stay in the country) OR Customs declaration form
      • (in case machines is imported by the company and a import declaration is filled at customs (in case machines are shipped directly to the company in Brazil) Fiscal of entrance


      IWS does not cover any damage caused by moving equipment from one location to another. When relocating equipment, please ensure that all equipment is carefully packaged to ensure that no damage occurs.

      Electrical power and plugs vary throughout the world. Please ensure machines you wish to relocate are compatible in the new country. Equipment is often subject to local laws (particularly modems). Please ensure that the equipment is acceptable under the laws in the country of relocation.

      Due to the earth's magnetic field, cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors are manufactured to work in northern, southern and equatorial regions of the earth and may not produce a satisfactory image when moved between them. Any required adjustment (if possible) is not covered under IWS and may be subject to a chargeable action. The magnetic field does not affect Flat Panel LCD Monitors and ThinkPad LCD displays.


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