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      Troubleshooting accessories issues - Desktops

      To troubleshoot accessory issues, follow these steps and test the accessory after performing each one:

      Note: Several accessories including cameras, keyboards, and mice are marketed by other manufacturers under license from Lenovo. Despite the appearance of being manufactured by Lenovo, these accessories are supported by the manufacturer of the device, and not by Lenovo. This includes documentation, device drivers, and warranty service. Please refer to your accessory documentation for information regarding service and support.

      1. Check if the accessory is a Lenovo accessory. Click here to view accessories available from Lenovo. Check the device documentation for support information. If the device is not supported by Lenovo, please contact the manufacturer for installation information.
      2. Verify the Lenovo accessory is supported on the computer.
      3. Verify the minimum operating system and minimum hardware requirements of the accessory are met.
      4. Refer to the owners manual installation directions to verify the device and device drivers were installed correctly. The order in which the hardware and drivers with any accompanying software are installed can be very important for correct operation.
      5. Verify there are no conflicts in the Device Manager (Microsoft Windows 9x, ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP).

        To open Device Manager:
        1. Right-click on My Computer.
        2. Click Properties.


      view of properties selection

      1. In the Properties window, select the Hardware tab, then click Device Manager.

      view of system properties window

      1. Uninstall and reinstall any software used to access the accessory. Some accessories may require special uninstall steps to properly uninstall. It may be necessary to consult the manufacturer for special directions.
      2. Refer to the accessory documentation for additional troubleshooting steps.
      3. Refer to the Product Announcement, Key Prerequisites and Limitations sections for additional information.
      4. If these steps have not solved the problem: Refer to "Need more help?"

      The customer is expected to contact the vendor of any third party device for assistance prior to contacting the Lenovo Support Center. Vendor comments should be documented whenever possible.

      Need more help?
      Please select one of the following accessories for further assistance:

      Submit a technical question
      Contact your local technical Support Center
      Check warranty status and upgrade
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