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      Solution to audiodg.exe holds high CPU usage in Windows 7 - idea laptops


      In Windows 7, when running video player software, "audiodg .exe" process hosts high CPU usage.

      Affected Brands

      All Idea Laptops

      Operating Systems

      Windows 7


      In Windows 7, when running audio or video player software, CPU usage will reach above 80% instantly. This phenomenon is caused by " audiodg.exe" process. Sometimes, high CPU usage by this process might lead to fake crash. To fix this issue:
      1. Right-click "Speakers" icon in the taskbar and then select "Playback devices"

      2. Under "Playback" tab, right-click "Speakers", and select "Properties".

      3. Click on "Enhancements" tab under "Speakers Properties". Check "Disable all enhancements" box.




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      • Last Updated :19 Oct 2016
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