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      "Lenovo Wireless Device Settings" window not show after pressing "FN+F5" in Windows 7 - idea/Lenovo laptops


      Lenovo Wireless Device Settings does not show after pressing Fn+F5. This failure may be caused by:

      • Energy Management not installed
      • Shortcut key not enabled under System Configuration -> Startup

      Affected Brands

      idea/Lenovo laptops

      Operating Systems

      Windows 7


      1. Check Energy Management has been installed. Open Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features. If it has been installed, it will show as below. If not, please go to Lenovo support site to download and install.

        check em from control panel

        Sample for downloading Energy Management (Lenovo G50-45)

        1. Open Lenovo support website (http://support.lenovo.com/us/en)
        2. Search your product like G50-45
        3. On the product page, filter by Component Power Management, download corresponding Lenovo Energy Management exe file. Then click the .exe file and it will auto run. After the installation finishes, reboot the PC.

      2. If the problem still exists after Energy Management installed correctly, please check if shortcut key was enabled. Press Win+R. Key in msconfig. On System Configuration window, switch to Startup tab. Ensure Lenovo Utility and Energy Manager were selected as below.

        em shortcut

      3. Press “FN+F5”, the correct interface “Lenovo Wireless Device Settings” will display. The interface may be different due to different versions of Energy Management. If you still cannot get it, please contact Lenovo service center for further diagnosis.

      Need additional information, visit the Windows Support Center


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