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      Default web page reverts back to previous setting if Access Connections is installed - ThinkPad


      After changing the default web page in the web browser settings, it will later revert back to the previous setting if Access Connections is installed.


      Affected Configurations

      Affected Systems (machine types, model types):

      • All

      System is configured with:

      • Access Connections


      Applies To
      • Microsoft Windows 7
      • Microsoft Windows Vista
      • Microsoft Windows XP



      Access Connections has the ability to set the default home page of the web browser on a per-location-profile basis.  If this feature is enabled, then the webpage setting would need to be changed in Access Connections, not the web browser settings.  When enabled, this behavior is working as designed.



      To change or disable the default home page setting, follow the steps below:

      1. Open Access Connections and if the button beside “Switch to” in the upper right says Advanced, then click on the button, changing it to Basic.  If it says Basic, go to the next step.
      2. Click on the Location Profiles tab.
      3. Click on the Location Profile used to connect, highlighting it, and then click on the Edit button on the right side.  This will open the settings of that Location Profile.
      4. Click on the Additional Settings tab.
      5. Locate the “Override home page” setting near the bottom.  Then, either uncheck the option or change the field beside the option to the desired home page.
      6. Click Ok to exit the profile and perform Steps 3 – 5 again for any additional profiles.


      Additional Information

      If the setting is disabled in the Location Profile(s), then changing the default home page in the web browser setting will remain.  In current versions of Access Connections, this feature is not enabled by default.



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