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      ThinkPad T430s and T430si may power off suddenly while running on battery power


      Some system batteries may incorrectly indicate a higher remaining charge capacity than the actual remaining capacity.  With a low battery charge, this condition may cause the system unit to power off for battery, FRU 45N1039, (Panasonic).

      For example, a ThinkPad T430s and T430si with battery, FRU 45N1039, may suddenly power off, even though the fuel gauge (Power Manager Battery icon) shows 14 percent remaining capacity.


      Affected configurations

      The above symptom is associated with, but not limited to, the following systems:

      • T430s and T430si (Machine Types 2352, 2353, 2354, 2355, 2356, 2357, and 2358)

      The system is configured with:

      • 44Wh Battery, FRU 45N1039

      Applies to:

      • All Operating Systems


      Additional Information

      To identify the affected battery from Power Manager, click on Advanced View, and then click on the Battery tab as shown in the picture below:

      power manager



      To resolve this issue, the user should download and run the Battery Firmware Update Utility from the URL below:

      Battery Firmware Update Utility


      NOTE: The FRU and Firmware version will be updated in Power Manager after the Firmware update is installed.


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