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      Explanation on SMART attributes in Lenovo Solution Center


      After you launch the Lenovo Solution Center program, select System from the left pane, click System Information, expand Peripheral devices, and select Hard drives. The hard disk drive information is listed on the right pane and a section named SMART attributes is shown in the list. SMART, short for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology, is a system monitoring computer hard disk drives, detecting potential failures, and reporting the failures using various reliability indicators.

      Lenovo Solution Center reports normalized SMART values which, for most hard disk drive vendors, start at 100 and decrease from there if a problem is detected. The normalized values do not indicate actual statistics. The value 100 means that the health of the hard disk drive has not changed since its initial use. Therefore, “Power cycles = 100” means that the hard disk drive is still under its rated power cycle specification (which might be 10 000 power cycles or whatever the manufacturer specifies). “Power on hours = 0” means that the drive has not exceeded its rated power-on-hour specification (which might be 50 000 hours). For details, refer to the hard disk drive technical specifications.

      The following table lists some SMART attributes and the typical meanings of the attributes.

      Attribute Meaning
      Power cycles Count of full hard disk drive power on/off cycles
      Power on hours Count of hours in power-on state
      The value of this attribute shows the total count of hours, minutes, or seconds (depending on the manufacturer) in power-on state. A decrease of this attribute value to the critical level (threshold) indicates a decrease of the mean time between failures (MTBF).
      Load cycle count Count of load/unload cycles into head landing zone position

      Count of remap operations
      The raw value of this attribute shows the total count of attempts to transfer data from reallocated sectors to a spare area. Both successful and unsuccessful attempts are counted.


      Pending reallocation count Count of reallocated sectors.
      Offline scan uncorrectable errors Count of uncorrectable errors when reading or writing a sector
      A rise in the value of this attribute indicates defects on the disk surface or problems in the mechanical subsystem.
      Ultra DMA CRC errors Count of errors in data transfer through the interface cable as determined by the Interface Cyclic Redundancy Check (ICRC)
      Start stop count Count of spindle start/stop cycles
      As the spindle starts to turn, the count increases, both when the hard disk drive is turned on after having been turned off (disconnected from power source) and when the hard disk drive resumes from sleep mode.


      Affected configurations
      • All ThinkPad computers with Windows 7 operating system and Lenovo Solution Center installed


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