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      No audio output from LCD/LED TV using HDMI cable


      PC is connected to TV with an HDMI cable but no audio playing on TV.

      Operating System:

      Microsoft Windows Vista
      Microsoft Windows 7


      Method One

      1. Right-click the Sound icon located in the lower right corner of your desktop. (The icon looks like a small speaker). Click “Playback Devices” on the menu:

      2. Now the Sound Window opens, switch to Playback tab. Right-click “Realtek HDMI Output” playback device and click "Enable” from the drop-down menu. After the above operation, re-open the player program to ensure the sound output to the TV as you expected. Now you should be able to enjoy HDMI audio from the computer to TV.

      Method Two

      1. After connecting the HDMI, open the Playback Device in the Control Panel "sounds" icon. It should have the TV listed as a playback device.
      2. Highlight the TV, and set it as the "Default Device", then apply. See image below for illustration.

        Playback setting

      3. After closing, it is requested to re-open the player program to ensure the sound output to the TV as you expected.
      4. If the HDMI cable is always plugged into the laptop, and TV, this setting should "stick" through re-boots. After unplugging of the HDMI cable, it is needed to reset the sound again.

      Additional Information

      HDMI sound is designed to go through the Local Sound device instead it goes through the Sound controller provided by the Graphics adapter. Once you connect an HDMI display, under Playback devices it should detect your external display's audio.

      If there is no sound at all after enabling the device, please uninstall the VGA/Video driver and update/ install the latest VGA/Video driver from Lenovo support website.


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