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      Required Microsoft QFE's and Lenovo registry patches for Windows Vista 32 or 64 - ThinkPad T400, T500, W500, W700, X200


      Custom Windows Vista installs will need the following QFE's and registry patches for correct operation.

      Affected configurations

      The following ThinkPad systems running Microsoft Windows Vista may be affected by this symptom:

      • ThinkPad T400, T500
      • ThinkPad W500, W700
      • ThinkPad X200
      Microsoft Hotfix and QFE


      osfg03ww.exe Registry patch to enable DIPM on SATA hard drives. Double-click DipmOn.reg to start the installation
      osfi02ww.exe Registry patch to change IDLE IRP timing by Fingerprint reader driver. Double-click FPIRPOn.reg to start the installation
      osfl03ww.exe Registry patch to improve USB device detection on resume from sleep. Specify usbfhcr.exe
      osfh02ww.exe Registry patch enabling Power Management in S3 State of USB port. Double-click USBPMon.reg to start the installation
      osfj06ww.exe Enabling Wake on LAN from Standby for ENERGY STAR Version 4.0
      [Windows Vista] Right-click on Command Prompt, then select Open as Administrator.
      [Windows XP] Open Command Prompt. Move to the folder that you extracted the package in step 2. Type the following and press the Enter key. cscript CTRLWOL.vbs ENABLE and press Enter.

      Additional QFE's


      QFE # 929637 Error message during Windows Vista startup if the Nero InCD program is installed and if the "Special pool" feature is enabled in the Driver Verifier utility: "Stop 00000050".

      QFE # 933272 The system time lags when you restart a Windows Vista-based computer that supports High Precision Event Timer.

      QFE # 936686 Icons are missing from Control Panel, or you cannot start Control Panel, the Welcome Center, or games in Windows Vista.

      osv018ww.exeKB932045QFE # 932045 Wireless can not download files property in Vista.
      osv014ww.exeKB932063QFE # 932063 Fix for Several problems occur on a Windows Vista-based computer when you work in a wireless network environment.
      osv009ww.exeKB937500QFE # 937500 A Windows Vista-based computer that uses a PCI-E graphics device may stop responding when you wake the computer from sleep.
      osv015ww.exeKB94113QFE # 941137 When installing the KB937500 (OSV009WW) module from Lenovo Web Site, Keyboard layout is changed to 101 key from 106 key.
      osv025ww.exeKB942567QFE # 942567 Windows Vista Feature Pack for Wireless - WW
      osv021ww.exeKB944543QFE # 944543 Copy protection signal of Macrovision is enabled unexpectedly after some operation only on Windows Vista OS.
      osv017ww.exeKB945577QFE # 945577 Bluescreen occurs intermittenlty if we keep the system in suspend mode for a long time (around 30mins) and then resume.
      osv020ww.exeKB948278QFE # 948278 Yellow mark on Ericsson F3507g (WDM) after sus/res



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