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      Troubleshooting bluescreens with Solid State Drives


      A system equipped with a Solid State Drive (SSD) may crash and generate a bluescreen error.  These may occur randomly and/or when going into or coming out of the Sleep/Standby power state mode.


      Affected Configurations

      The above symptom is associated with, but not limited to, the following systems:

      • ThinkPad

      Affected systems:

      • All

      Operating Systems

      • Microsoft Windows 7
      • Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7
      • Microsoft Windows 8
      • Microsoft Windows Vista
      • Microsoft Windows XP




      Due to the date transfer speeds that SSDs are capable of, it is important to configure the system properly in order to avoid stability issues. 

      Set the SATA controller mode in BIOS to AHCI as instructed below:

      • Enter BIOS by pressing F1 at the ThinkPad splash screen.  You can also press Enter to bring up the Startup Interrupt Menu and then press F1.
      • Select the CONFIG menu and then Serial ATA.
      • Select AHCI for the SATA Controller Mode option.
      • NOTE:  The default setting for the SATA controller is AHCI.  If the machine has been reloaded with the SATA controller set to compatibility mode, changing the controller mode may result in a bluescreen error during boot.  Reloading the machine in AHCI mode may be necessary.

      Ensure that correct SATA driver for you system is installed as instructed below:

      • Your machine came from the factory loaded with the correct SATA driver at the time the machine was built, but newer drivers may be released to add new features, stability, or to correct any issues found after the initial release.  Depending upon how it was built, a custom image may have a driver that was released for an earlier machine or may simply use the default Windows driver.  Either may cause stability problems.
      • The latest supported SATA drivers for your machine can be found at the following URL: 
      • Select your machine.  The SATA drivers will be listed under the Storage category.
      • NOTE: The SATA driver may be different depending upon operating system version and whether the operating system is 32 or 64 bit.  The README file on the driver’s download page shows system requirements and installation instructions.

      Update your SSD’s firmware as instructed below:

      • While every effort is made to ensure trouble free operation, an issue may arise that requires the firmware of your SSD to be updated.  The release of new operating systems, disk encryption software, and other events may require a firmware update to ensure compatibility and stable operation.
      • A bootable CD that contains the current firmware for all Lenovo SSDs can be found at the following URL: 
      • The README file on the firmware download page shows system requirements and installation instructions.

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