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      Display driver stopped responding and has recovered


      While playing games, watching movies online or using applications that need graphic acceleration,  the LCD gets randomly black for few moments. After that notification appears: Display driver stopped responding and has recovered.

      Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

      This issue is related to the graphics system. When system memory is running low and Windows is unable to allocate video memory, Windows closes and then restarts the program to avoid a failure.


      The following solutions can help reduce or eliminate this error in the future, but the error can still occur when system memory resources are low.

      Affected Brands

      idea/Lenovo laptops, desktops

      Operating Systems

      • Windows XP
      • Windows Vista
      • Windows 7
      • Windows 8/8.1

      System is configured with

      Nvidia, AMD Radeon or Intel HD graphics


      1. Shut down and then restart the computer to clear out the memory addresses and prepare the computer for further troubleshooting.
      2. Update the graphics driver for your specific computer model. For more information on updating drivers, please see the Lenovo support document Simple Tips To Update Drivers. If the issue persists, continue to next step.
      3. Install Windows updates. Download and install all available updates for Windows, then perform the action that you were doing when the error first occurred, for example, playing a game or watching a movie, to test if the error reoccurs.
      4. If none of the above actions resolved the error condition, back up your personal data and then perform a System Recovery on the notebook. See one of the following documents for instructions:

      The problem still persists. Please contact Lenovo local service center for more suggestions including hardware replacement or upgrade.


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