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Summary of changes for BIOS update - ThinkCentre A55 (type 9636, 9638, 9640, 9641) / M55e (type 9642, 9643, 9644, 9645)

version 2QKT29A

  • Fixes Japan keyboard missing issue

version 2QKT28A

  • Updates ICH7 SATA initialization to accomodate Intel ICH7 BIOS specification 2.5

version 2QKT27A

  • Fixes USB hub issue

version 2QKT26A

  • Fixes Windows Vista activitation issue

version 2QKT25A

  • Updates a new PXE ROM where the PXE setting cannot be saved in Boot Agent Setup (pressed Ctrl + S to enter)

version 2QKT24A

  • Fixes Japan 106 key Keyboard issue
  • Fixes the 1806 error with a PCMCIA card

version 2QKT23A

  • Changes Wake-On-LAN default from primary to Automatic
  • Fixes a problem with Intel Conroe processors

version 2QKT22A

  • Updates CPU microcode
  • Fixes a problem with resume time from Sleep

version 2QKT21A

  • Fixes a problem where the system fails to resume from S3 when using Intel Conroe_L processors

version 2QKT20A

  • Fixes a problem where the BIOS update failed with certain processors

version 2QKT19A

  • Adds support for Conroe_L CPU

version 2QKT18A

  • Updates VBIOS

version 2QKT17A

  • Fixes a problem where the USB 2.0 controller is disabled when a USB keyboard is attached
  • Changes the default value of "Hyper-Threading" in CMOS Setup to "Enabled"

version 2QKT16A

  • Fixes CF issue

version 2QKT15A

  • Fixes a problem with the PS/2 keyboard

version 2QKT14A

  • Adds Chassis intrusion Switch
  • Fixes a poblem where some functions are abnormal under Microsoft Windows Vista

version 2QKT13A

  • Enhances thermal and acoustic settings
  • Fixes a problem where the memory size on POST is different from size shown in BIOS setup
  • Fixes a problem where the PCI Wake Up option is always working even if it is disabled

version 2QKT12A

  • Initial Production Release
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