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      Troubleshooting audio issues - Value Line notebooks

      Some of these steps may not apply to your computer. Test your audio after performing each step:

      1. Set the physical volume controls to an appropriate level.
        You can adjust the volume by using the Fn key combinations.
        • To turn the volume up, press Fn + F2.
        • To turn the volume down, press Fn + F1.
        • To mute the volume, press Fn + Esc.
      2. Verify that the Microsoft Windows volume is properly set and is not muted in the Taskbar Volume Control and in the applicable output controls in the Playback Master Volume Control. Also verify in the Master Volume Control that the Wave device is not muted and is set to a proper level.
        Click the speaker icon (Taskbar speaker icon or Taskbar speaker icon) on the Microsoft Windows system tray to open the Volume control.
        Note: If the speaker icon is not on the windows task bar, press F1 while the Windows desktop is active and search for "Volume control" for instructions on how to change the volume and add the speaker icon to the task bar
        taskbar volume control

        Double-click the speaker icon (Taskbar speaker icon or Taskbar speaker icon) on the Windows system tray to open the Master volume control.
        master volume control
      3. Connect external speakers or headphones to the audio connectors on the Value Line notebook to verify audio.

        Audio jack Description
        Stereo headphone jack The headphone jack is used for connecting a stereo headphone or external speakers.
        Microphone jack This jack is used to connect a microphone to your computer when you want to record voice or other sounds on the hard disk. This port can also be used by speech-recognition software.
      4. Verify that the latest BIOS for the Value Line notebook has been installed.

      5. Load the default configuration in the BIOS.
        • To access the BIOS Setup Utility:
          • While the "To interrupt normal startup, press the Lenovo Care button " is displayed, press the F1 button.
      6. Verify that the latest audio driver has been installed properly; check the version using the install instructions and readme from the software and device driver files for your Value Line notebook. (Learn what a device driver is.) Uninstall and reinstall the driver.
      7. Check that the latest version of Direct X is installed using DXDIAG.EXE.
        1. Click Start then click Run.
        2. Type DXDIAG.EXE in the Open field.
        3. Check the Direct X version under the System Information.
      8. If these steps have not solved your problem:
        Refer to "Need more help?"
      Need more help?

      Audio and sound fixes for Windows Vista


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