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      October 2002 - Important safety recall notice - G51 CRT Monitor

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      This notice provides important new information. The date range for monitors affected by this action has been extended to those manufactured through September 1998. Even if you checked your monitor before, IBM and LiteOn Technology recommend you check it again for the type/model and updated date of manufacture (see information below).

      IBM is committed to quality and safety. IBM and LiteOn Technology International, Inc., have determined that some IBM G51 15-inch CRT monitors or G51t 15-inch Touch Screen CRT monitors may require a safety inspection and service repair. This letter will tell yo u how to identify if you have a monitor that requires inspection and possible repair and why IBM is providing it at no cost to you.

      Some G51 and G51t 15-inch CRT monitors manufactured between June 1997 and September 1998 may have been manufactured using a component on the monitor circuit board that can overheat and produce smoke, and may pose a potential fire hazard. This is why IBM and LiteOn Technology are voluntarily recalling and repairing G51 and G51t monitors manufactured during this period.

      Since 2001, IBM and LiteOn Technology have received seven reports worldwide of incidents involving monitors smoking or overheating, including one report of minor property damage. The previous notice indicated that IBM has received five reports worldwide.

      The CRT monitors involved in this recall and repair program all have 15-inch screens. To identify affected G51 monitors, customers should look for the IBM logo on the front of the unit, and then look for additional model and date information on the label on the back of the unit. Monitors affected by this repair action show the “Type/Model Number” 6541-02N, 6541-02E, or 6541-02S, and have a “Date of Manufacture” between June 1997 and September 1998. This information can be found in the center at the top of the label, immediately to the right of the IBM logo. G51 monitors with a manufacturing date other than June 1997-September 1998 are notincluded in this action.

      To identify a G51t Touch Screen monitor, customers should look for the IBM logo on the front of the unit, and then look at the rear information label for the model information. G51t monitors show the “Type/Model Number” 6541-Q0N, 6541-Q0E, or 6541-Q0S. This information can be found in the center at the top of the label, immediately to the right of the MicroTouch logo. All customers who own a G51t Touch Screen monitor should call the IBM Support Center. Utilizing the monitor serial number, a representative will assist you in determining if your monitor is affected by this program.

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      Monitors with different type/model numbers are notincluded in this action. If you have any question as to whether your IBM monitor is involved in this action, you should call the Repair Center for further assistance.

      Major retail stores in the US sold the G51 monitor for approximately $370 in the second half of 1997 through 1998. These stores included Best Buy, CompUSA, OfficeMax, Radio Shack and others. In addition, a number of monitors were sold by IBM commercial resellers, and a small number were sold by IBM directly to customers. The G51t touch screen monitor was sold primarily through MicroTouch Systems, Inc., an IBM Business Partner.

      Under the program, customers with these monitors will be sent a prepaid shipping box to return the monitor to the repair facility. IBM’s repair service will inspect the monitor to determine whether it requires a safety repair. If necessary, the affected component will be repaired or replaced, and the monitor returned to the customer. This program is offered only for monitors that are still in working order. No other repairs will be performed under this program.

      Customers who have one of these monitors should stop using the monitor and contact an IBM Repair Center to confirm whether their monitor is covered by this recall and, if so, to arrange for a free inspection and repair or replacement. US customers should contact the IBM Support Center at (800) 426-7378 anytime. No other IBM monitors or equipment are involved in this action. Customers who live outside of the US should contact the repair center for their region using our list of worldwide repair center telephone numbers.

      Between 1997 and 1999, a total of approximately 700,000 G51 series monitors were manufactured by LiteOn Technology in Malaysia, China and UK for IBM. Approximately 377,706 monitors that could potentially include this component were shipped worldwide, and about 118,098 were sold in the U.S.

      Thank you for taking the time to see if you have an IBM G51 or G51t monitor that requires inspection and possible repair, and thank you for being an IBM customer.


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